Empower Network Meltdown
One of the dangers of Facebook video is that you can go live to your audience at a moments notice without taking the time to think about your message. The Empower Network back in 2013 had a powerful influence on the business opportunity world.  Incredible claims were made to get people to join.  Over the years it has slowly drifted into obscurity.  People came to the reality that few were making money and many of its leaders and promoters moved on to other things.  David Wood the founder of the Empower Network has stuck with it and made some crazy videos to draw attention back to this scam.

Bloody, sun burned, and speaking like a madman David Wood recently reached out to his Facebook followers:

Here are some highlights:

All of you will remove everything negative that you wrote about Empower Network now. You will stop telling stories. Now!  If you don’t, a curse will fall on your families.

You will stop your charge-backs.  You will join and you will do it now!

We are going to save the children.

You will pull out your credit cards.  You will go to empowernetwork.com and you will join.  Now! All of you. And when you do I will bless your families.

We will heal the oceans.

We will heal the dogs.

We will heal the cats.

If you don’t do it, your flesh will be eaten from your bodies.  If you do do it, you will live forever.

All of you.  I love you.

– Source David Wood

Empower Network Meltdown Conclusion

If there was any doubt that David Wood had developed a god complex, that doubt is now gone in my mind.  This was hard to watch. The power of positive thinking has gone horribly wrong here.