1. Create Videos, Podcasts, and Livestreams

Creating audio and video content has become an excellent way to make money online.  You have to have a large audience to make a lot of money, but almost anyone can make some money creating audio and video content.  This is a great part-time option for making money online.

For videos, Youtube is a great place to make money.  Another good option is Dailymotion. Having ads displayed before or during your videos is one way you can make money on YouTube and Dailymotion. There are many other ways to make money from your videos: Patreon, affiliate links, sponsorships, and memberships.

For podcasts, you can get sponsorships that will pay you for each 1000 downloads.  Podcasts are growing in popularity and it is a great market to jump into today.

For livestreams, YouTube and Twitch are good options for making money, especially if you make sure you use various money making options.  You can use adsense on Youtube, Patreon, and another popular option is to take tips while streaming.

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