Top 9 Lies Used To Defend MLM Scams!

10. Micro Tasks

One way to make money online is to do small tasks for small amounts of money.  These do not require a huge commitment of time on your part and can be done online from almost anywhere. Two popular micro task websites are Amazon Mechanical Turk and Fiverr.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Some tasks might pay 1 or 2 cents but take only minutes to complete and require very little expertise.  Some sites have a fixed rate for most tasks. Other tasks require you to gain qualifications before being allowed to work on them. Qualification may be a test but it could also simply be approval or rejection based on your previous work, location, profile, etc. Jobs with qualification may pay more.

Typical tasks include:

  • Blog comments
  • Transcription
  • Short editing and writing jobs
  • Keyword searches
  • Photo captioning and tagging

Useful Resources

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