People have contacted me about Gano Excel and they have said that it is a “Good” MLM company.  In my opinion it is just another product-based pyramid scheme.

Gano Excel – Criminal Felony Charges Against CEO Leow Sun Seng In Peru

Here are links to the information I use in my video.

Gano Excel Opportunity Video

Gano Excel FDA Warning

70% Rule

Product-Based Pyramid Scheme Definition:

A product-based pyramid scheme is an income opportunity, in which persons are recruited into a pyramid of participants making ongoing personal purchases or retail sales of products and services. These persons recruit others to do the same in an endless chain of recruitment and personal consumption or retail sales.  This is done in order to qualify for commissions and bonuses and to advance upward in the hierarchy of levels in the pyramid. Personal purchases or retail sales become the means of disguising or laundering investments in the product-based pyramid scheme.

Additional note:
Typically, prospects are lured into the scheme with exaggerated product and income claims. And because the pay plan is heavily stacked in favor of those at the highest levels in the pyramid, the vast majority of participants spend more than they receive and eventually drop out, only to be replaced by a stream of similarly misled recruits, approximately 99% of whom are likewise destined to experience loss and disappointment.

– Source Product-Based Pyramid Scheme Definition