YouTube Partner Networks are a threat to the YouTube Community.  I recommend you avoid them.

They take your money. They take control. They limit your creativity. They get you under contract.  Their ultimate goal is to become gate keepers and future YouTubers will have to pay the price to get through the gate.  Do not give your talent to these Networks.

Here is a list of the Top 100 YouTube Partner Networks:

Here is a link to what happened to Ray William Johnson:

Here is a link to the YouTube Spaces that they have created:

Here is another example of the contract evils that are happening:

huskystarcraft 1 year ago

I have a YouTube channel with 600,000 subscribers and it is so frustrating to see things like this.

I was approached by Machinima a couple years ago with them looking to get me to join. At the time I had just finished schooling and, as a lot of people that age, wasn’t sure what to do for a living.

The timing of them approaching me was perfect as they told me I could make money on my channel. Thankfully I was lucky enough to have parents who actually knew their shit and they told me not to sign such a bad contract.

Because of my experience with them I decided to start TGS (The Game Station) instead. I believe I was one of the very first ‘big’ channels to tell them no.

A special note to everyone telling him to ‘read their contracts before signing’, two things:

1) The Machinima contract has changed many times and I have friends in the network who had to sign ANOTHER contract even though they already had signed one. This tricks people into not realizing just how different they are.

2) A lot of the people in their network are very young and don’t fully understand what the ramifications of such a bad contract mean. I would consider myself pretty well put together and even I contemplated going that route.

Its really sad that this keeps happening (this is the fifth or so video I’ve seen on this EXACT topic) but keep fighting the good fight. A couple people who know what they’re talking about have already contacted you about what the next steps should be.