In the above video and post below, I explain how to find your voice and what part audience feedback plays in this process.

When you start the process of sharing creatively with others through vlogging, writing, comedy, song, dance, and many other forms of creativity; it is common that you copy others.  It is a natural thing to do.  You copy what you want to be.  If you want to move to the next level and become someone that others copy, you need to develop your own voice.

What is your own voice?

It is what you give through what you do. Your voice is the unique value you offer the world. Is your value laughs, tears, music, dance, thoughts? Everyone has a unique voice.  The problem is so many people miss the chance to develop their voice and spend all their time trying to be someone else.

How many movies have you watched that seem like they were developed in a focus group?  They just take all the things that people claim to like and put them on the screen.  There is no unique voice in these types of movies.  Most of the time these movies will make you want to turn them off after just a few minutes of watching.

It is time to take action and develop your own unique voice!

How do you find your own voice?

You pursue what you love and you let your audience’s reaction show you the way. If you do not listen to your audience, you will not find your voice. Does that mean you take every negative comment or every positive comment as what you should do? No.  You just use the weight of the feedback to help guide you.

Never give up what you love.  Use the feedback of your audience to see if you are affecting them the way you planned to.  If you are not, you need to adjust your delivery, tone, quality, and pace to get to the point where you are affecting your audience the way you planned to.  It can take years to get the reality of what your doing to match what is in your head.

Become the beautiful individual you can become.

What is Ethan Vanderbuilt’s voice?

My voice is my challenging opinion. I aim to challenge and change you.  I have not reached the point where I am fully happy with how my message is communicated, but I am getting better every day.