I had a very hard time finding information on how to add a nice free graphical server monitor to my brand new VPS at Just Host.  I hope this will save you some time and effort. This how-to may work for other VPS hosts which have cPanel and WHM installed as well.

With the Munin graphical server monitor you can get a quick overview of how your server is doing with reports on CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Disk Usage, Apache, Exim, MySQL, Network, Processes, and other System activities.

Here are the steps to install the Munin graphical server monitor for your Just Host VPS.

1. Setup your root password and access WHM (Web Host Manager).


2. In the top-left Search box, type in plugins, then click on Manage Plugins.


3. Click the check box beside Munin next to Install and keep updated, then click Save at the bottom of the screen.


4. The Munin install process should take a few minutes, and during that time you don’t want to close your web-browser. When it finishes you’ll see a Process Complete message at the bottom of the screen.  You may see some errors listed during the install process.  This is normal.

5. Log out, and then back into WHM again.

6. In the top-left Search box, type in munin, then click on Munin Service Monitor.


7. Click on your server’s hostname, server.yourdomain.com in order to get to all the available charts.  Links to the various sections are also provided: apache, disk, exim, munin, mysql, network, processes, system, time.


8. When you installed Munin it sets up a cron job to gather statistics every 5 minutes, so when you first look through your charts you won’t have any data populated in them. So typically you want to wait at least 24 hours before you start reviewing the charts.

This tool will make it easy for you to decide when you need to add resources to your VPS.

I don’t provide any additional support other than this guide, but if you would like to ask questions that others can answer please leave a reply below.