I want to touch on a topic that few people think about when it comes to affiliate marketing. That topic is activism. Changing the world to be a better place and affiliate marketing go hand in hand? Yes they do.

As an activist for change, you can use your affiliate marketing skills to communicate your message to the largest audience possible. You can also generate income that will help you sustain your message and grow its reach. The skills you learn with affiliate marketing like website building, key word searches, and SEO apply to reaching the largest audience possible for change.

Let me give you a case example and you can use your imagination on how you can go out and change the world with your affiliate marketing skills.

Case Example:

You have seen a change in the food that people are eating.  It is becoming more and more modified by science.  Are these mad scientists or are they good scientists?  You believe the research shows that this type of food should not be eaten.  It is time for a change and you wish to move people away from eating genetically modified food.

As an affiliate marketer, you create a website that is dedicated to the cause of moving people away from eating genetically modified food. You detail key research and you provide the companies that are producing this type of food. Then you provide companies and products that do not use genetically modified food. Through your website you can help produce the change you want and received income from the people that have joined you in this change.

One of the most frustrating things for many people that are activists at heart is they have to set this passion aside when participating in business. This does not have to be the case.  You can maintain your passion and produce the change you desire in affiliate marketing. Also, you do not have to spend a large amount of your time on fundraising.  People engaging with your message generate the resources you need to continue your activism.

Good business is when all the parties that participate in it benefit. Activism and affiliate marketing can work hand in hand to produce great benefits for all that participate. Be the change today!

What is a better motivation to writing that next blog post than a cause that you are passionate about.

To Your Success!

Ethan Vanderbuilt