Casting 360 Scam Video

Casting360 aka Talent6 Fined $45,000 for False Advertising, Misleading Ads & Fraud in 2010!

Some people have a dream of being a star.  They want to be the next Brad Pitt or just on the same set with him as an extra. If you have a dream, there is a con artist out there that is going to try and take advantage of that dream.

Here is a review of a website called Casting360.

Here are some of their claims:

Be seen on TV or film

Meet directors and celebrities

6152 Casting Calls

No Experience is required

All looks are welcome

Casting360 Ad

They guarantee that you will be contacted by a casting director within 90 DAYS after you become a Member of Casting 360 or your money back.

Here is the reality of Casting 360:

Casting 360 is not a talent agency, employer or a talent scout; the site is only a venue. Casting 360 does not promise or facilitate employment.

– Source Casting 360 Terms and Conditions

For this they charge a registration fee of $1.98 and after 14 days a membership fee of $34.90 per month.

How much does it cost to have a web page with your information on it?  Nothing.

Principal:Mr. Igor Reiant(Managing Partner)

Business started: 01/05/2000 Talent 6

Business started: 09/01/2009 Casting 360

I did a search on Casting 360 to see how accurate their system was.

Within 25 miles of Diomede, Alaska 99762 there were 265 casting calls available according to Casting 360.

Diomede population 120.


Below is Diomede on the map. You can make the decision if it is a hot bed of casting action.

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Casting 360s main call center is located in Moldova which is between Romania and the Ukraine.

Any respected industry publication will tell you that the first rule of showbiz is “never pay upfront fees for representation”

If you want to be an extra, register with Central Casting in LA or NY.  It is now free to do so.

How To Cancel and Fight Back

If you have given Casting 360 your credit card number, DO NOT bother calling the member support line. Even if they tell you they have cancelled your account, you will be “Force Billed” in an effort to get your money. A limited number of accounts are indeed cancelled prior to the 14 day limit in order to show that they comply. After a cycle or two of forced billing has occurred you will eventually close your account or initiate a chargeback and then and only then, will you not be charged further.


1) Initiate a chargeback with your bank and do not even bother with Casting 360 Customer Service.

2) Contact Careerbuilder, Craigslsit or call any of the newspapers they run ads in to complain about this scam.

Another similar scam is Explore Talent.

Please leave a reply below with your experience with Casting 360 or Talent6.