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Justin Verrengia the “Hippie Jedi” is another person selling the Empower Network scam to others. He tells a story of hardship that he claims he went through and how the Empower Network saved him.  Here is his most recent video of him telling his tale of sadness.


Empower Network Is A Scam?

Big Idea Mastermind And Vick Strizheus Are A Scam?

Here is one of him telling us how he wanted to be a rapper and fails to mention he was a six figure earner in real estate.


The reality is Justin has been a long time promoter of all kinds of schemes and has made many claims of success and living his dreams from these successes. Back in 2009 he was selling My Cash Cow System.


Before he joined the world of MLM, he was a six figure earner in a real estate related business. Here is a video from 2008 where he explains what he was doing before MLM.

He showed in a 2008 video how he makes $1-5K per day. In some of his videos today he claims he could only make a few thousand a month.


Justin Verrengia is creating a false reality to scam you out of your money. He has been doing this for years. He wants you to think he came from nothing and made it with the Empower Network.  The reality is he was an experienced network marketer and scam artist before he joined.

Here is his current attempt at getting people to signup using information on fluoride.


Here is a look at his website back in 2011 before he joined the Empower Network. You can see he was traveling the world on his victims money before he joined the Empower Network.


Here is a link to his old website and you can follow him on his 16 day cruise:


Do not fall for Justin Verrengia’s video marketing fabrications about his past.

How-to File a Complaint With The FTC?

Here is a YouTube help forum thread written by Justin complaining about his terminations for scamming:

Here are a few more of his past schemes he has been a part of.

Reverse Funnel System – SCAM

His main YouTube scam channels: (terminated) (terminated)   (terminated)

Justin Verrengia is notorious for using “bots” to post spam comments on channels all over YouTube.
His spambot channels (all created in June 2010):