Update: The two key people behind Banners Broker have plead guilty to running a pyramid scheme

I have been hearing from various sources that Banners Broker was running a scam on people.

Banners Broker says that through its “Ad-Pub Combo Package” members advertise their business on numerous websites on the BBI network while, at the same time, they can earn advertising revenues as a publisher through “specialized and targeted publisher sites created by Banners Broker” and “generate revenue through a home-based business.”

Here is how the Banners Broker scam is presented.

Banners Broker Scam Presentation Video


Update:  The Banners Broker scam is trying to silence anyone that says negative things about them. Banners Broker members who log into their accounts are seeing this pop-up message: Source: RealScam.com


Banners Broker has pulled out of Ireland, leaving thousands of people battling to recoup their money from an address in Belize in Central America.

Last week Banners Brokers International Ltd was put into liquidation by an Isle of Man court after a judge ruled that in the interests of justice it had to be wound up. People with money in Banners Broker accounts have been waiting many months to be able to get proper access to their funds after tight restrictions were imposed. Banners Broker previously blamed payment problems on technical issues but have now admitted the liquidation and its lack of access to the $6m fund will impact on promised transfers. – Source Irish Examiner

If you want to file a complaint against Banners Broker in the U.S.  you can contact the FTC and the SEC.  More information about the firms overseeing the liquidation on the Isle of Man can be found here. You can also request a charge back from your credit card company if you paid for services you feel the company never rendered.