Cash Gifting Video

Cash gifting is illegal and in some states you can get up to 7 years of jail time for running one of these scams.

Here is what the ATTORNEY GENERAL Of Michigan has to say about Cash Gifting.

No matter how these schemes are presented, the bottom line is the same for all – cash gifting schemes are illegal….

All 50 states have laws against pyramid schemes.

BBB advises people to ask themselves three questions in order to evaluate dubious money-making opportunities:

• Do I have to make an “investment” or give money to obtain the right to recruit others into the program?

• When I recruit another person into the program, will I receive what the law calls “consideration” (that usually means money) as a result?

• Will the person I recruit have to make an “investment” or give money to obtain the right to recruit and receive “consideration” for getting other people to join?

If the answers are “yes,” BBB warns people to steer clear of the scheme, don’t give in to tempting claims online and never buckle under to high-pressure sales pitches, even when they come from the mouth of a trusted friend, co-worker, neighbor or church member.

You Get Paid Fast

In my opinion You Get Paid Fast by Paul Darby is a new form of cash gifting that uses money orders and provides marketing material as a cover for this cash gifting. Don’t get caught up in this type of scheme.

Here is one of the videos introducing you to the You Get Paid Fast scheme.

Affiliates sign up, gift four levels of the upline affiliate who recruited them and then recruit others who do the same. It is the gifting opportunity itself that participants are marketed and sold on, rather than commissions generated via the sale of products to non-participant end-users.

What you get for your money.

The Paul Darby Jet Fighter Training

The Paul Darby Guru List builder

The Paul Darby Internet Success Machine

The Paul Darby InnerCircle Mastermind Group

Below is a link that examines the value of each product.

Paul Darby is kicking people out and taking their downlines. Brian Davis says Paul was taking people away from others and moving them under him in the new international program. Brian also clearly described Paul as a scammer.

Here is Paul Darby from back in 2008 launching You Get Paid Fast.


Here he is again from back in 2007.


Some of his other websites.