5linx Scam Video

Update: 5linx Founders Charged With Wire Fraud.

My subscribers have asked me to take a look into a company called 5linx. Here is what I found.

5linx Scam Claims


Premier Business Opportunity 5LINX offers a unique work from home business opportunity based on essential products and services people use every day.

The Opportunity of a lifetime!

5linx Scam Reality

Founded 2001

As of 2012 they are 2900 on the Top 5000 Inc. list.

The average compensation is $450 per year as of 2012.  This is before expenses.

5LINX will deduct from all bonus and commission payments a data processing fee of $3.00.

They charge you to sell for them.

Customer Representative $99

Independent Marketing Representative $249

Platinum Services includes a website and reporting and is a monthly auto renewed service billed at $49.95 per month.

3 day refund policy for your retail customers.

A representative can cancel their agreement for any reason within 10 business days.

15 major products


Their focus is getting you in and buying their products as you can see from the following how to succeed road map.

Every Single Service Video

The compensation plan Is heavily weighted at the top for you to recruit and not for product sales. Average residual compensation for product sales is 50 cents.


Here is a link to product point values, commission values, and bounties.


You can easily find comparable affiliate products that you can sell for no charge to you.

5LINX Velocity V2 






Here are additional affiliate programs that will allow you to sell hundreds of products for no charge.



The 5linx online shop shipping rip off.


5LINX Representative Agreements for $5.25 in a 10 pack with $18.23 in shipping.

These fees do not necessarily represent UPS published rates and may include handling charges levied by 5LINX® Enterprises, Inc..

5linx Scam Conclusion

The quote below from a rep sums up my thoughts on 5linx.

“When I tried selling their products I was embarrassed to find out I really couldn’t save my friends or family any money at all. 5Linx makes much of their money from the money people give them to sign up for a dream that almost no one can achieve.” – Source Pissedconsumer.com

What is a product-based pyramid scheme?

Here is Jeb Tyler giving you some Attendance Points.
Jeb Video

Here is a rough review of 5linx that was very insightful on the fees you have to pay before you can make money. (Warning Profanity)
Another 5linx Review