Dangerous Persuaders
Louise Samways is a Melbourne Psychologist

The personal development courses I consider dangerous are groups run by organisations or individuals who have either non-existent or inappropriate qualifications for what they are doing and effectively are accountable to no one. The courses I worry about particularly are those attempting dramatic changes in short periods of time, such as Landmark Education, EST, Forum, Money and You and Hoffman Process, for they are misusing the psychological techniques allied to hypnosis in order to make the behavioral changes.

A number of people I have spoken to had attended Money and You, a course organised in Australia by an accounting firm. They thought they were there to learn how to manage their money, start a business and become millionaires. Instead they became involved in an extremely intensive personal development course that preached an unrealistic black and white view of human potential – essentially that they could become anything they wanted to, provided they were motivated enough with the right attitudes and ‘discarded’ anything that was holding them back, for instance their families!


If I were to put the essence of the seminar in one simple sentence, it’s all about becoming true to yourself, daring to dream, following your bliss, designing the life you want it to be, doing whatever it takes to making it happen, & living more fully.

I am well aware of the negative perceptions of the ‘M&Y Seminar’ in some quarters, in the light of its apparent cultic norms &/or new agey connotations, & also the not-so-good publicity & controversy surrounding Robert Kiyosaki, who has been one of the early ‘M&Y Seminar’ purveyors & instructors, on account of his reportedly questionable credentials.


Money & You Class Outline

First Evening/Day Session starts: 7:00 pm

  • Introduction to the unique learning environment.

  • Belief Systems – how your beliefs support or inhibit your success.

  • You and Me versus You or Me – the elements of human behavior that contribute to the success or failure of organizations, and relationships.

  • Adding Value – differentiating yourself and your business.

  • Economics – scarcity versus abundance.

  • Unlimited Wealth – what is money?

Session ends: 11:00 pm approx.

Day Two Session starts: 9:00 am

  • Review.

  • Creating Wealth – the difference between money and wealth.

  • Income Generating Assets, Multiple Sources of Income.

  • Proven Systems for mastering your finances and creating immediate cash flow.

  • The difference between being an Employee, Self Employed, Business Owner and Investor.

  • Your financial habits.

  • Why working harder is not the answer…

Lunch Break

  • Excellence and Mastery – the six steps to mastery, and how to master any subject, art or skill to “excellerate” your results.

  • Goals – cause and effect of decisions and goals in your life.

  • Buckminster Fullers’ Generalized Principles.

  • Personality and behavior profile – your greatest assets and how to work with your team, getting the right person for the job.

  • How to build high-performance teams.

Dinner Break

  • How Money is made and lost – Principles used by wealthy and successful people who have amassed huge fortunes. How to get high returns, with little or no risk…

Session ends: 11:00 pm approx.

Day Three Session starts: 9:00 am

  • Review.

  • Designing your ideal life – how to get from where you are now, to where you want to be.

  • Belief Systems – drawing on your inner resources for success.

  • Creating an environment to achieve optimum performance.

  • Getting aligned on purpose and policy, how to set policy and rules that allow you, your team and organization to speed up.

  • How to implement systems that work.

  • Money Game.

Lunch / Dinner Break

  • Money Game debrief.

  • Emotional Intelligence – how your emotions affect your results.

  • Blocks Game – removing the blocks and limitations that hold you back.

  • How to have more effective relationships in business, family or friends, and why they may not have worked for you.

Session ends: 2:00 am approx.

Day Four Session Starts: 11 am

  • Review.

  • Completion and debrief of Blocks Game.

Lunch Break

  • How to share and inspire anyone to take action.

  • Synergy Game – how to create extraordinary results through teamwork.

  • Cooperation Game.

  • The Future of Business- a business and success model that provides a framework to apply what we have learned.

  • Predicting future trends.

  • The benefits of cooperation locally and globally.

  • Completion.

Session ends: 11:00 pm approx.

Celebration and party!


How is Money & You taught
The style of teaching in Money & You is beyond that of most other training available today.The key differences are:

  • The Instructors have earned the right to teach through direct practical experience in the world of business—no fluffy theory or untested ideas.
  • The style of instruction is entertaining. Instructors are professionals who know how to command attention. Their commitment is to the 100% involvement of participants 100% of the time.
  • The use of accelerated learning techniques, as pioneered by Dr. Georgi Lozanov. These use color flipcharts, frequent breaks, refreshments, background music, games, and variation in activities. These methods are designed to appeal to all senses, and humor helps to make the information highly memorable.
  • A philosophy of learning that encourages learning by discovery. Participants are encouraged to see mistakes as opportunities to learn. A key phrase is “correction without invalidation”.
  • The use of games to simulate real-life business situations. You are encouraged to be observant of your own behavior and responses during the games. The premise is that games are a reflection of behavior, and that much can be learned from noticing how you participate. As a result the learning is personal and relevant to what you as an individual need. The best thing about well-run program games is that the consequences of mistakes are much less severe than mistakes in the real world, and the opportunities to learn are more focused.
  • The program sets out clear principles and avoids jargon. This style of instruction and learning makes the principles and lessons highly memorable. Many participants report that months and even years later, a business situation will trigger a memory of one of the experiences in the program, much like the ability to ride a bicycle is easily recalled even years later, while a piece of information learned as theory is not retained more than a few months unless actively used.

“If by the end of Money & You (you must stay until the end and participate in all the games and exercises) you are not convinced that the program will “excellerate” your results, help you make more money, and experience more joy, love and personal freedom—we will refund your fee in full.”