Robert Kiyosaki is the creator of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. He has sold millions of books and is a regular speaker on how to succeed in business.  In my opinion, he is a scam artist.

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Here is some background information on Robert Kiyosaki.

  • U.S. Merchant Marine Academy

  • 3rd mate oil tanker

  • Marine helicopter pilot

In a speaking engagement for Vemma he shared a little of his background which included he had been lying most of his life. He went to EST.  He was honorably discharged after machine gunning animals from his chopper and flying drunk.

Robert Kiyosaki Scam Vemma Video

Excerpted from Rich Brother, Rich Sister (Vanguard Press, January 5, 2009):

In March of 1974, I walked into the est training, and two weeks later, as she had promised, my life changed.

A great deal of the training was about agreements. In other words, do you keep your word? Notice the word word again. Agreements are about keeping your word. When someone says, “He is a man of his word.” it is a very high compliment.

During the training, it became glaringly clear that most of our personal problems begin with our not keeping our agreements, not being true to our words, saying one thing and doing another. That first full day on the simple class agreements was painfully enlightening. It became obvious that much of human misery is a function of broken agreements – not keeping your word, or someone else not keeping theirs.

At last I realized that my misery was caused by my lack of integrity and not keeping my word…

And my “changed life” went well beyond the two weekends I spent in the est seminar. I realized I had the power to create the best destiny for my life, or the worst. It was my choice.

At this point I decided that my lifetime work would be to focus on myself and develop a higher ethical, legal, and moral character.

  • Xerox salesman

  • failed businessman (nylon surfer wallets)

  • failed businessman (rock and roll memorabilia)

Kiyosaki began investing in real estate and small-cap stocks, while he “stumbled and bumbled” along, hitting near bankruptcy at one point. “I owed about $750,000 to $850,000,” he says.

Then he became a homeless person.  It sounds like the advice from his rich dad paid off.

Then, in 1985, he struck gold. Kiyosaki founded an international education company that taught business and investing to tens of thousands of students throughout the world.  That company is Excellerated and they run the Money & You program.


Here is a little information on the class EST that Robert Kiyosaki took that he says changed his life.

The purpose of EST “We’re gonna tear you down and put you back together.”

Such efforts, or course, are commonly known as brainwashing, which is precisely what the EST experience is, and the result is usually a classic conversion.

You are an asshole.
You are a machine.
You are perfect exactly the way you are.

Enter The World of EST With Psychology Today/August 1975
By Mark Brewer

French Documentary on EST/LandMark.  You can find out how they tear people down and turn them into their “volunteers”.

MotherJones had the chance to take a look into EST/LandMark and found some interesting things about them including the following on the form you sign.

I signed a six-page disclaimer in which I declared that I understood that after attending the Forum, people with no history of mental or emotional problems had experienced “brief, temporary episodes of emotional upset ranging from heightened activity…to mild psychotic-like behavior.” – Source

Here is a little stand up comedy routine that gives you a good idea about what EST/LandMark is all about.
LandMark Cult Video

Everything was going fine for Robert Kiyosaki until October 1993, when an Australian TV news magazine called Four Corners aired a report on Money and You. The main focus was on an Australian attorney who said that after taking the course his life had become a shambles, his business ruined, his marriage wrecked. Other graduates of the program were taped saying they’d been disturbed by learning techniques like the Blocks Game, an exercise in which participants competed to model abstractions like “trust” using only children’s building blocks. The game could go on for hours and frustrations could run high. “We got to a stage where virtually everybody in the hall at one stage was crying,” one participant told Four Corners. “Some of them were on the verge of a nervous breakdown…. You start losing sight of your own values and your own convictions.” – Source

If I were to put the essence of the seminar in one simple sentence, it’s all about becoming true to yourself, daring to dream, following your bliss, designing the life you want it to be, doing whatever it takes to making it happen, & living more fully.

Here is a segment of a documentary exposing the effects of the Money and You Seminar:

I am well aware of the negative perceptions of the ‘M&Y Seminar’ in some quarters, in the light of its apparent cultic norms &/or new agey connotations, & also the not-so-good publicity & controversy surrounding Robert Kiyosaki, who has been one of the early ‘M&Y Seminar’ purveyors & instructors, on account of his reportedly questionable credentials. – Source

Dangerous persuaders
Louise Samways is a Melbourne Psychologist

The personal development courses I consider dangerous are groups run by organisations or individuals who have either non-existent or inappropriate qualifications for what they are doing and effectively are accountable to no one. The courses I worry about particularly are those attempting dramatic changes in short periods of time, such as Landmark Education, EST, Forum, Money and You and Hoffman Process, for they are misusing the psychological techniques allied to hypnosis in order to make the behavioral changes.

A number of people I have spoken to had attended Money and You, a course organised in Australia by an accounting firm. They thought they were there to learn how to manage their money, start a business and become millionaires. Instead they became involved in an extremely intensive personal development course that preached an unrealistic black and white view of human potential – essentially that they could become anything they wanted to, provided they were motivated enough with the right attitudes and ‘discarded’ anything that was holding them back, for instance their families!

In 1993, Kiyosaki wrote a book called If You Want to Be Rich and Happy, Don’t Go To School? It is “dedicated to Ralph H. Kiyosaki, former Superintendent of Education, State of Hawaii, the best teacher I ever had.



Then he writes Rich Dad, Poor Dad which hit bookstores in 1997.

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad is one of the dumbest financial advice books I have ever read. It contains many factual errors and numerous extremely unlikely accounts of events that supposedly occurred.

Kiyosaki is a salesman and a motivational speaker. He has no financial expertise and won’t disclose his supposed real estate or other investment success.”

– Source John T. Reed

He gives you bad and sometimes illegal advice.

He does not take into account risk. – Source

Illegal advice:

Kiyosaki says “the reason you want to have rich friends” is to get inside stock market information that you can make low-risk profits. He ends that discussion with the sentence, “That is what friends are for.”

Recommends tax fraud by deducting vacations and health club dues.

Just plain bad advice:

I always make offers with escape clauses. In real estate, I make an offer with the words “subject to the approval of business partner.” Most people do not know the partner is my cat.

In the February 2003 issue of SmartMoney magazine, Kiyosaki said “Is Harry Potter real? Why don’t you let Rich Dad be a myth, like Harry Potter?” In other words, the entire premise under which Rich Dad, Poor Dad was sold was a complete fabrication.

He runs education seminars that get you in for three days and expand your credit so you can buy expensive training.

Free Class – Just a sales pitch for 3 day class.

3 Day Class – Sales pitch for more expensive training.

Market Place Canada did an Exposé of Rich Dad training in 2010. Kiyosaki acts like he is concerned about what is happening in the training.

Robert Kiyosaki Scam Expose Video

Complaints about Rich Dad training continue into 2015 with the same problems.

Rich Dad Education Scam?

Here is another personal experience review of Rich Dad training.
Rich Dad Scam Training Review Video
In my opinion, Robert Kiyosaki is the pied piper of your financial loss. He promoted real estate right up to the crash in 2008.

Asked whether the “rich dad” really existed, Kiyosaki said there was one original “rich dad,” but his books draw on lessons from several “rich dad” mentors in his life, including some who were women. – Source

Here is the background of the claimed original “rich dad”:

Richard Wassman Kimi was born Feb. 3, 1925, in Hilo and was the son of Territorial Sen. William Kimi. Soon after the Dec. 7 attack on Pearl Harbor, Richard Kimi enlisted in the Army, where he was promoted to sergeant at age 19.

After the war, Kimi returned to the Big Island and worked for his family business, which sold Army surplus goods. But the business struggled, so Kimi took the Army equipment that wasn’t sold and turned to construction.

He and his brothers built Kimiville, a low-rent housing project in Hilo, and later built the Hilo Hukilau at the site of the family’s surplus store. Although the store was gone, the Kimi family stuck together to run the new hotel business. – Source

In Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert claims the following:

Both men were successful in their careers, working hard all their lives. Both earned substantial incomes. Yet one always struggled financially. The other would become one of
the richest men in Hawaii. One died leaving tens of millions of dollars to his family, charities, and his church. The other left bills to be paid.

Rich Dad Poor Dad was published in 1997 and Richard Wassman Kimi died on December 19, 2008. Kind of hard to be dead in the book when you are still alive when the book was released. What is actually fact or fiction?

In my opinion, Marshall Thurber is Robert Kiyosaki’s true rich dad.  He is the second best teacher in his 1993 book. Marshall is the creator of the Money & You class and the influence for Kiyosaki’s books.


“Robert Kiyosaki started as a small manufacturer of nylon wallets. Using the insights and techniques he mastered in this program, he became a multi–millionaire and a world–renowned investor and teacher of investment strategies and mindsets. …leading the Instructors’ Training Program and other Excellerated Programs was the vehicle for his meteoric and financial growth.”
– Source Excellerated Instructors’ Training Program Guide

Presentation on CashFlow Quadrant.
Robert Kiyosaki CashFlow Quadrant Video
Money & You covers the same material.

Click here for the Money & You class outline.


In my opinion, Robert Kiyosaki is a personal development scam artist that has been taking peoples money for years with classes and books that give bad and sometimes illegal advice.  I recommend you avoid him.