Do not trust the BBB ratings!

After reviewing many companies that are clearly scams, I can say  that the BBB is not a reliable place to find out if a company is a good company. I have seen horrible companies with A ratings. The BBB is clearly in my opinion using their position in the business community to extract payment from companies to maintain their ratings. The BBB has created a system that forces companies to pay because the system is designed to make every single company look bad.

I have used information from the BBB in my reviews.  Normally what I do is compare the ratings that companies claim they have with what they actually have.  Also, I use the complaints to give me an idea of  the problems customers are having.  The BBB is never my deciding factor in the actual quality of a company.

“Unfortunately, I have learned that we have within our country a private organization that with the appearance of being quasi-governmental and without any legal or regulatory oversight and control can libel and slander and tortuously interfere with a small business. They can do so with virtual immunity. This organization is the National Better Business Bureau and their franchise local Better Business Bureaus. At times, some of these bureaus classify small business owners as unsatisfactory, libel and slander them with opinion and innuendo, and provide them no dueprocess to correct the problem.”
– Florida Congresswoman Corrine Brown

The BBB is a private 501(c)(6) non-profit organization. The BBB is not a  government organization.

BBB executives are making six-digit salaries in a non-profit organization.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an organization containing more than 100 privately owned franchises loosely controlled by the Council of the Better Business Bureau (CBBB).

Here are a few  comments that sum up thoughts on the BBB.

“The BBB is a scam. I did business with a company with an A+ BBB rating and was scammed. I called and complained to the BBB regarding them as well as many others. The company retained their A+ rating even when they were out of business and selling services they knew they couldnt supply. BBB is a scam in itself.”

“The BBB is nothing but modern day mafia extortionist. They are con-artists and scammers. In fact, even on their own web site they post that if you are in litigation with a company who is a member of the BBB you CAN NOT post a complaint about them with the BBB. This is simply because companies who are BBB members are the BBB’s assets and the one thing multimillion dollar companies do best is protect their assets. Therefore, in retrospect, the BBB is in business to protect top paying companies, not consumers.”