Utopia Definition

Utopia is a place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions.

– Source Merriam Webster Dictionary

I just traveled to an amazing place.

The streets are paved with gold.

You do not have to work.

Everyone can have anything they want, and everyone shares with each other.

It is a place called Utopia.

It is a wonderful place to visit in the imagination.

There is a danger with going to Utopia. When you try to live like you do in Utopia in the real world problems can develop. The rules are different.

How can you figure out if something is Utopian or an actual improvement for your life in the real world?

Here are some Utopian ideas and the things that exist in the real world that keep them from happening.

Everyone should share everything equally. Greed

Everyone has the same value and is important. Pride

Everyone can do as they please. Violence

Everyone can have what they want. Scarcity

Example of Utopian Ideas In The Real World

Karl Marx’s Communism

The three steps to a better world.

1. The revolution of the proletariat was the first step in Marx’s theory. By taking control of the means of production the proletariat would control the economy.

2. The second step of Marx’s theory was the dictatorship of the proletariat. Marx believed the proletariat needed to establish a totalitarian government so the bourgeoisie did not manipulate their way back into power. Once all bourgeoisie were eliminated, a process that would take a few generations, step three could occur.

3. In step three the proletariat dictatorship would voluntarily step down and a classless, government-less communist system would be created.

– Source How Communism Was Supposed to Happen and Why It Didn’t

This has not happened, and will not happen because in my opinion communism comes from Utopia and has not been adjusted to work in the real world.  It does not take into account the reality of greed, pride, violence, and scarcity.

How do you deal with people who do not wish to participate?  This is a very important thing to think about when you want to change the world.


Utopia is a wonderful place to visit in the imagination.  You can explore any type of world you wish to live in.  Please avoid the danger of bringing Utopian ideas into the real world without adjusting them to deal with things like greed, pride, violence, and scarcity.  There is no doubt that the world needs to be improved and can be improved, but the world will never be a perfect place for everyone.