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Update: Vincent Ortega Jr. has moved on to promoting other scams and he bashes his old ILN system because it was only about getting rich quick and only had digital products.

Hello internet friends and neighbors.  My subscribers have requested I take a look into the Internet Lifestyle Network.  My subscribers were concerned that ILN was just another marketing scam that would take their money.  Here is what I found.

Internet Lifestyle Network Scam Claims:

The Premier Online Business & Entrepreneurial Community

Without a doubt, we have the most supportive, caring, and loving community family on the internet today.

Our revolutionary affiliate program is the most lucrative opportunity in the industry.

Instantly Join Thousands Of Entrepreneurs That Use Our PROVEN Online Wealth Creation System To Make Their First $20 Online In As Little As 24hrs! (Make A Profit In Your First 30 Days Or We Pay You $100 Cash).

Four Steps To Success

  1. Setup Your Account
  2. Start Your Training
  3. Create Your Blog
  4. Go On Vacation

Reality of Internet Lifestyle Network Scam:

Launched 2013


Vincent Ortega Jr

Mark Hoverson

Clifton & Ashley Hatfield

Internet Lifestyle Network
2800 E. 14th Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64155

Internet Lifestyle Network, LLC
121 S. Orange Avenue, Suite 1500
Orlando, FL 32801

 The full compensation plan is not provided on the website for you to review.

An income statement that provides average income is not provided on the website.  They have no documentation for the number of people making money and losing money with this system or what the average income is for the people participating.  Yet, the owner of the company makes income claims to get you into the scheme.

“If you put in the time and effort at first … You will become one of our top earners making 10,000+ per month, every single month, living the life of your dreams. See you inside…” – Vincent Ortega Jr. Company Owner & Speed Wealth System Creator

If sellers make any claims about how much money you might make, they have to give you a separate paper with more specifics. Like, the number and percentage of people who got those results or better.  – Source FTC Bogus Business Opportunities


24 hour free access to Facebook Group.

$37 per month Apprentice Subscription.

$95 per month Professional Subscription.

7 day free trial not mentioned on their website.

$19 per month Retail Customer not mentioned on their website. Retail customers cannot refer others to earn commissions.

Mark Hoverson’s Solomon CEO – $995 not mentioned on their website.

Mark Hoverson’s Solomon CEO $10,000,000+ – $4,995 not mentioned on their website.

Total cost to go all in: $132 per month plus $5990.

Wait!  There is more.

Vacation Club/Global Resorts Network

Silver: 2 Weeks/Year – $2,995

Platinum: 10 Weeks/Year – $7,995

Diamond: 20 Weeks/Year – $11,995

Total cost to go all in: $132 per month plus over $14,000.

Internet Lifestyle Network Compensation Plan

When you purchase the Apprentice Subscription you can earn $20 on sales of the Apprentice Subscription and 10% on any other sales you directly make. You do not make commissions on sales unless you make them directly.

When you purchase the Professional Subscription you can earn $20 on sales of the Apprentice Subscription and 50% on Professional Subscriptions and 10% four levels down.  You make 10% on any other products you don’t own which you sell directly. You can earn 50% on any other direct sales of products you own (or are in the process of paying for) and 10% four levels down. You can’t earn commissions four levels down for products you don’t own. 

ILN CompPlan

“The great thing about us being owners of the Internet Lifestyle Network, is that we don’t have an affiliate link.” – Vincent Ortega Jr

For not having an affiliate link Vincent Ortega Jr sure seems to get a lot of Cha-Ching emails while Sleeping.

Make Money While Sleeping

What do you get for your Apprentice Subscription?

  • Instant Access to Start Generating Multiple $20 Payments paid out every Monday!
  • Create The Best Looking Blogs In The Industry With Our Custom Push Button Technology That Will Allow you to have your blog up in minutes!
  • Instant Access to 11 + POWERFUL Videos, Including “How Our #1 Recruiter Sponsored 140 People For Free on Facebook In 1 Month!”, “The Famous 8-Figure Million Dollar Day!”, “How Online Leaders Go Viral & Attract Customers Daily!”, and Much Much More…

Apprentice Subscription Total Value = Priceless

  • Selling as an affiliate is free to do from non-scam companies.
  • Having a blog is free or very low cost.
  • Marketing videos that teach you how to be an affiliate marketer are free to access on Youtube.
  • Marketing Facebook groups are free to join on Facebook.

Apprentice Subscription Actual Value = Worthless

With a true affiliate you are not selling any products directly. You are simply the mouthpiece, or the advertising board that tells people where to go and buy products. You will not have to purchase anything, but you will still make money just for telling people where to go to get a product.

The secret to the Apprentice Level Speed Wealth System is spamming your friends through email and Facebook with your affiliate link.

Iinternet Lifestyle Network Scam Video

The blog they provide you is a WordPress MU Edition which they do not allow you to install third-party plugins on. WordPress is free to install on your own web space.

Third-party plugins are not supported inside of the ILN Blogging Platform because they are a security risk to the entire network.” – Source

Here are two alternatives.

FREE: You can even setup your own custom domain on Tumbrl.

PAID: $3.75-$6.95 per month.  You can become an affiliate of iPage for free and you can use third-party WordPress plugins.

Videos you get for your $37 per month:

Speed Wealth System Fast Profit Formula

Intro: speed wealth Fast Profit Formula

Find Laser Trageted Leads On Facebook Fast

6-Figure Earner’s Daily Facebook Playbook

The Famous Viral 5 ILN Lifestyle Formula

The “Viral 5 ILN Quick Start” Guide!

Create Your Amazing Blog

“DreamScaping” Your New Lifestyle!

The Famous 8-Figure Million Dollar Day!

You Must “Get To People’s Hearts” First!

The “Viral Magnet” Daily Promo Strategy

Sponsor 140 People On Facebook FREE

Here is Mark Hoverson selling The Speed Wealth Formula with the typical I was poor and then I was rich scam marketing.

Mark Hoverson The Speed Wealth Formula Video

Courses you get for $95 per month additional:

Mark Hoverson’s 8-Figure Professional Game!

Vincent Jr’s “Viral Attraction” Facebook Marketing

Mark Hoverson’s Leadership Branding For Direct Response

Mark Hoverson’s Famous 8-Figure Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint!

Mark Hoverson’s NEXT-LEVEL Professional Members Only Marketing Training!

Vincent Ortega Jr’s NEXT-LEVEL Professional Members Only Marketing Training!

 Inner Circle’s top ILN Affiliate Training  Webby replays!

Creating 8-Figure Easy Video Sales Letters!

Take Your Video Marketing To The Next Level!

Internet lifestyle Backoffice Tour

Internet Lifestyle Network Scam Back Office

Refund Policy

We will not accept any refund requests after 3-days of doing business. – Source ILN Refund Policy

Make A Profit In Your First 30 Days Or We Pay You $100 Cash. Here are the required rules to get $100 cash back:

  1. You are required to remain an active Apprentice Member during your first 30 days.
  2. You are required to connect to our Facebook App and authorize Internet Lifestyle Network to post publicly to your Facebook Profile and Page (aka Business Page) at least once per 24 hours.
  3. You are required to watch every training video and complete every course within Internet Lifestyle Network University Apprentice Courses.
  4. You are required to use our strategy to receive at least 100 unique click-throughs  for your affiliate links to any of our sales, landing, or checkout pages.
  5. You must be an engaged member inside of our private Facebook Group (*ILN* <> The Internet Lifestyle Network Family!), remain active, participate in webinars, comment, posting lesson screen shots, etc.
  6. Your ILN account must have a $0 balance and no unpaid balances or unpaid invoices.
  7. If you do not earn any commission from ILN and you have chosen to participate in our Profit in 30 Days $100 Guarantee then you are saying you were not satisfied with our system and that you want a refund in addition to $100 cash.  You will not be allowed to re-join Internet Lifestyle Network or any of its affiliations at any future date.

– Source

If you want to take advantage of their money back guarantee, you have to give them access to spam your Facebook profile and page daily.  If 100 people do not click on your affiliate link, they keep your money. Also, all they have to do is pay you two $20 payments to avoid refunding you $137.  You are paying them $37 already.  Why would they ever pay a $137 refund? All they have to do is put the money you have paid them plus $3 into your account to avoid paying you $137. They risk only $3 to gain the ability to spam your Facebook profile and page daily for 30 days and receive up to 100 clicks on your affiliate link.  

Here is a clear explanation from a promoter on how to run the ILN scam.

This is how easy it is for a newbie to start seeing results with the Internet Lifestyle Network.

Step 1 – You join the network at the Apprentice Level and start putting your blog together while absorbing all the training inside.

Step 2 – Once your blog is ready to receive its first visitors, you move onto the Professional Level while diligently implementing all the strategies and techniques you’ve learned as an apprentice, as well as absorbing all the new info as a platinum playa.

Step 3 – You use all the skills and strategies you’ve learned to start attracting people to your blog, then you convince only five people on what amazing opportunity and learning platform this is and get them to join your team.

Step 4 – Those five people than go out and do exactly the same. Then the people they recruit do the same. Then the people they recruit do the same.

– Source

The Internet Lifestyle Network is a sales funnel that is designed to sell you the Global Resorts Network. They are scamming you out of your money by making ridiculous income claims for joining their system when in reality they are trying to sell you a ridiculously over priced travel package. 

The Global Resorts Network is over $2900-$11900 in cost.

Here are three examples of competitors.

  1. Low priced condo discounts can be purchased from for $99 per year. You can get condos for as low as $100 for seven days .
  2. Vacations for under $700 per week. FREE to access.
  3. Low cost flights and travel.  FREE to access.

Here is a look at the ILN sales funnel process they put you through:

  • [Step 1] Apprentice Membership ($37/month)
  • [Step 2] Pro Membership ($95/month additional)
  • [Step 3] Speed Wealth Executive Membership + GRN Sales Page ($995 upfront + $250 a month for 48 months)
  • [Step 3a] If you said no to step 3: Speed Wealth Executive Membership (No GRN) ($250 a month for six months)
  • [Step 4] Speed Wealth TLA Upsell ($2000 upfront, in addition to step 3)
  • [Step 4a] Speed Wealth TLA Downsell ($995 Upfront (already paid for in step 3) + $250 payments over 60 months).

“The main product the entire system is built around is not a “shell product” like most network marketing companies are built around. The main product is actually a travel club membership that is designed to assist the entrepreneur with living the true internet lifestyle for cheap! This travel club is referred to as Global Resorts Network or GRN for short. Global Resorts Network, originally owned by Mark Hoverson, was rebranded as the Private Vacation Club for use by Internet Lifestyle Network members.” – Source

The Global Resorts Network gives you access to Gold Crown Resort.  You will find many complaints about Gold Crown Resort when you research them.

Its always better to rent a nice timeshare unit from an owner thru a legit web site like or It makes no sense to buy a timeshare or join a GCR club. You might as well throw your money out the window. No ownership, no commitments and no middlemen. A rental directly from an owner has No fees. Just a great place to stay anywhere and anytime you want.” – Destination Expert for Cabo San Lucas


In my opinion the Internet Lifestyle Network is a sales funnel that is designed to sell you the Global Resorts Network. They are scamming you out of your money by making ridiculous income claims for joining their system. In reality they are trying to sell you a highly over priced travel package. They use a worthless low cost Apprentice Program to get you into their sales funnel.  Then they provide some short term value to keep you in long enough to attempt to get over $14,000 from you.  This is an affiliate scam that leads you into a product-based pyramid scheme that ends with a highly overpriced travel package.  You should avoid the Internet Lifestyle Network.

What is a product-based pyramid scheme?