You have just joined the most amazing business opportunity in the world. Your ship has come in! You are going to become part of the wealthy 1%.

You are working 7 days a week and you are talking to everyone. There is one problem. Your spouse does not feel the same and does not support you.

Your upline tells you to get all in and make money and they will start to see the vision. The money will cure the unsupportive spouse in Network Marketing MLM. The money does not come fast enough.

You feel like you are in a balloon at about 10,000 feet and you can see things clearly. The problem is you are too close to the dream to see clearly.

Your spouse does see clearly, and what they see is not a dream.

You are spending way too much time away from your family. You are spending money your family does not have. Important relationships are becoming strained.

This is the time you really need to listen to them, and hear their objections. Don’t just ignore them.

Here are three key things you should keep in mind when you join any business opportunity:

  1. Set a deadline and have an exit strategy.
  2. Set aside time for you and your spouse.
  3. Do not sacrifice your friends and family for something that 90% of the time will waste your time and money.