Defining your value in the marketplace is key to any entrepreneur. It is the foundation that you build your company on.

Word of mouth is often a small businesses greatest lead generator, so having great products and services that people talk about is a critical part of your brand and why you are in business. Even the most outgoing and charming small business owner is not going to succeed in bringing customers back, unless the product or service they provide delivers and exceeds expectations. Don’t lose sight of your product – keep refining it, testing new offerings, and making sure you always put product first, not the money it brings in. – Source SBA

Here is a presentation that I think you will find valuable in helping you define the value you offer to the marketplace. Formulating a good value proposition is an essential step for any start-up and lies at the core of many of the other tools entrepreneurs need to develop, including market analysis, business modeling, finding funding and delivering an investor or customer pitch.

Developing A Value Proposition Video