Brain Abundance Scam Video

Snake oil salesmen are alive and well and living in the supplement marketplace. Today I want to take a look into a business opportunity by a company called Brain Abundance. Their primary product is called Brain Fuel PLUS. Below are some of the claims that are made about this company and their product.

Brain Abundance Scam Claims

The most complete brain nutrition product on the planet.

Bringing together a team of top scientists, nutritionists, and formulators in the industry with the most successful team of health and wellness professionals in the world, at Brain Abundance, we don’t just talk about getting results, we live it.

Brain Abundance is the ONLY company in the industry to bring you the next generation of comprehensive brain health products. From our world class manufacturing facility to using only the highest quality raw materials, our powerful formulas get results!

Three capsules of Brain Fuel PLUS each day can help:


It is estimated that as many as 80% of people around the world have some form of neurological challenge; whether it’s something small like the inability to stay focused for long periods of time, something more serious like always feeling stressed out, anxious, depressed, or not able to sleep, or something much more severe like dementia or alzheimers. Whatever it is, Brain Fuel PLUS may be able to help!

The Brain Abundance compensation plan is one of the most aggressive in the industry.

Brain Abundance Scam Reality

Launched January 15, 2014

Brain Abundance
5501 Merchants View Square Suite 105
Haymarket, VA 20169


1 Bottle of Brain Fuel PLUS
$59.95 plus one-time $20 IBO Start-up. Tax and shipping are additional.

3 Bottles of Brain Fuel PLUS
$129.85 plus one time $20 IBO Start-up. Tax and shipping are additional.
Receive Automatic Double Star Rank in our Compensation Plan for your first 30 days!

6 Bottles of Brain Fuel PLUS
$199.70 plus one time $20 IBO Start-up. Tax and shipping are additional.
Receive Automatic Triple Star Rank in our Compensation Plan for your first 30 days!



I was unable to find any scientific reports provided by Brain Abundance that verified the effectiveness of their product.  I was unable to find any third party verification of the quality of the lab this company uses or even what lab is used.

Americans spend an estimated $5 billion a year on unproven herbal supplements that promise everything from fighting off colds to curbing hot flashes and boosting memory. But now there is a new reason for supplement buyers to beware: Researchers tested 44 bottles of popular supplements sold by 12 companies. They found that many were not what they claimed to be, and that pills labeled as popular herbs were often diluted — or replaced entirely — by cheap fillers like soybean, wheat and rice. – Source New York Times Herbal Supplements Are Often Not What They Seem

Placebos seem to affect how people feel. Up to 1 out of 3 people can experience the placebo effect. This in my opinion is how many of the supplement makers stay in business.  They are able to convince those that are in need that they can help and the placebo effect keeps enough people buying the products of these companies.

I can only imagine how effective the desire to become wealthy would be at inspiring claims of effectiveness with Brain Abundance products.

Whether Brain Fuel PLUS is effective or not, it is not priced competitively with the leader in the brain supplement marketplace. 

Brain Abundance competition: Superior Brain at

Refund Policy

Brain Abundance maintains a 30 day 100% refund policy. You must cancel your order by email within 30 days of placing that order to be eligible for a refund.

If you are unsatisfied with any product for any reason before the thirty days has expired, you may ship the product back anytime within 30 days of receipt for a refund of the product cost. You will not be reimbursed for the shipping and handling charges.

Income Disclosure

Most Independent Business Owner (IBOs) earn less money each month in the compensation program than they are paying for their products. Independent Business Owner (IBOs) should not participate in Brain Abundance under the expectation of earning income without referring new subscribers. – Source Brain Abundance Policies

A good question to ask is “If recruitment were to be stopped today, will distributors still make money?” if the answer is no, isn’t the principal source of commissions coming from recruiting and not from retail sales? hence, a pyramid scheme.

Compensation Plan

The Brain Abundance wholesale price of Brain Fuel PLUS $59.95 plus tax and shipping is higher than what a customer can purchase it for on Amazon and Ebay. I have seen bottles go for as low as $30 per bottle with free shipping on Ebay.  This makes it so an IBO has almost no chance of profiting by selling Brain Abundance Brain Fuel PLUS for retail prices.

Brain Abundance Scam Compensation Plan


The free option to join as a Pre-Enrollee does not allow you to earn income until you sign up and pay money to Brain Abundance.  It is a marketing ploy that uses group pressure, cut off dates, and a very limited payment to get you to join the scheme.

“EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT PACIFIC TIME IS THE CUTOFF DATE! After that, ALL the people below you who take action will leapfrog ABOVE you if you do not lock in your position. Don’t lose out on all of that volume.”

There is a cap on how much you can earn in the cycle bonus’ based on your rank achievement and from what I can see the most you can ever make from the cycle bonus’ (which is your residual income).

Rank Total Potential
Monthly Income
Unranked $500
Star $2,500
Double Star $10,000
Triple Star $50,000
Gold $100,000
Platinum $500,000
Diamond $1,000,000

Top Distributors in the Month of June 2014

Rank Name Distributors Enrolled
1 Fred Global Power Team 25
2 Andrey Shauro *Success Together* 22
3 Ivan Vovk *Success Together* 16
4 Dave Lear & Jordan Wright. ……………* GLOBAL TEAM * 9
5 Larry Lane * GLOBAL TEAM * 8

The Brain Abundance Leadership Team

Dr. Behrouzi – Chiropractor

brain abundance dr

Conditions Dr. Behrouzi Treats

  • Back Disorders
  • Back Injuries

His specialty is the back and not the brain.

Eric Caprarese – Vitamin Re-seller and MLM representative for energy drinks.


ACT Energy Drink 2008


Standing for honesty and integrity, using his “Build Right, Build Fast” philosophy, in two short years, Eric was able to move he and his two sons from a small, one bedroom apartment, in an unsafe neighborhood, to a 4-story luxury condo in an upscale and safe community. Today, just over 3 years after joining, Eric has an organization of over 124,000 dealers and most of the top leaders emerge from Eric’s downline.

Viper Marketing 2003

We opened our company in 1991 out of our second bedroom of our small apartment in the town of Leesburg, Virginia. My family had a vision to broker the best nutritional supplements at the absolute best pricing. Our company was then focused on a small territory to give the absolute best service possible. Well, 12 years later we are still helping people, but now worldwide and best of all we are still offering the best pricing and customer service anywhere!

Brain Abundance Scam Conclusion

In my opinion Brain Abundance uses unverifiable claims to sell a product that may be no more effective than taking a placebo.  The product is uncompetitively priced with the leading product in the marketplace.  The Dr. that leads the team that created the product does not specialize in the brain.  They have a “100% money back guarantee” that requires you to pay shipping and handling.  Since the product can be purchased retail online for less than an IBO can purchase the product from Brain Abundance wholelsale, there is little or no chance of making income selling the product to customers.  This causes the Brain Abundance business opportunity to become a product-based pyramid scheme by making recruitment of new IBOs the only viable way to make significant income.  The compensation plan even has caps that limit the amount of residual income you can receive from your downline. This is a business opportunity you should avoid.

What is a product-based pyramid scheme?