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There are many scam online job sites on the internet. Today I want to take a look at One of my subscribers brought this site to my attention. Let’s see what we find.

Cashema Scam Claims

#1 most influential website for online careers.

The best online employment agency in the U.S.

No other website offers the same or even similar online careers as our employment opportunities!

Cashema Scam Reality

Cashema is not even close to being the #1 most influential website for online careers. The Cashema website is ranked number 724,286 in the world by Alexa and they do not have a USA ranking. If you do even a basic look around the web, you will find much better sites that are far more influential. For example, Work At Home Mom is ranked number 3,382 in the USA by Alexa.

Cashema does not offer jobs. They use Click Bank to make money off of you by selling money making schemes. You can clearly see this when you look at the links that they provide.

Cashema Scam Links

Cashema is not an employment agency.

The schemes they offer are available all over the internet and you can offer these same schemes to others if you have no problem with scamming others out of their money.

Here is a link to a detailed review of one of the schemes they offer: Google Sniper. Below is an excerpt from this review and as you can see the scheme is a bad deal and not a job.

There’s a lot to not like about this product. First he hypes you up with how much money he makes and how super-secret this project is. Then, he doesn’t mention that you are REBILLED $67 per month for using the product. Also, there are two versions of Sniper 2.0 that look different, but it’s unclear how, or why you would prefer one over the other. This is sloppy marketing from a person trying to teach you marketing.

The website was extremely hard to navigate and figure out what was going on. There were a few broken images, and I found the training hard to follow (the videos were OK, but the general design and delivery were very amateur.

Worst of all, much of what he taught will certainly NOT lead you to making lots of money.

Cashema Scam Conclusion

In my opinion the creators of the Cashema website are using false claims to take your money. I highly recommend you avoid the Cashema scam.

Here is a second review of Cashema by

The website: www.cashema .com, is a spamming website that will only redirect you to other fake work-from-home and online-jobs websites, which claim that you can make hundreds of dollars online. The owners of the website mainly advertises their business by spreading a lot spam across the internet. They also had some of their YouTube videos taken down because they violated YouTube’s Terms of Service, and most of the YouTube accounts associated with their videos, have been terminated.