Here is a look at the Top 10 Work At Home Business Opportunity Scams.

Beverly Williams, President and Founder of American Association of Home-Based Businesses, says that there are “very few legitimate work at home job opportunities available.”

Incredible claims of income are a sure sign of a work at home business opportunity scam! If the ad you’re looking at features palm trees, a mansion, and a Ferrari, it’s probably a scam. Researchers screen about 5,000 home jobs leads every week, and there is a “54-to-1 scam ratio”. – Durst, the CEO of Staffcentrix

10. Craft Assembly

In this scam they trick you into buying kits to make craft items like necklaces.

Here is an example of how this type of scam is promoted.

Craft Assembly Scam

Here is what a victim has to say about how the scam works.

“I ordered their kit several years ago and made the Crosses, and also ordered 1 pre-made Cross already made by them. You know how I know this company is a scam? When I submitted my 10 crosses to be inspected, I sent the ‘perfect’ Cross they made for inspection, and guess what- they rejected all of them (even the one they made) and said “you have potential”. You can never ever make ‘their’ crosses good enough…do not waste your money.” – Mary (Houston, TX)