Many of us dream of starting our own business.  When is the best time to start a business?

In my opinion you can start a business at any time.  With strong determination you can make it happen under almost any conditions. Here are a few things that tell you that it is time for you to start a business.

  • You have a strong desire to create a product or service.
  • You are self motivated.
  • You have become an expert in your field.
  • You are confident in your ability to deal with the unknown.
  • You have developed a network of great contacts.
  • You see a gap in the market for the product or service you are interested in.
  • You have found a great location for your business that is close to people that need your product or service.
  • You have saved 6 months to 1 year of living expenses or you have a weekend job that pays your living expenses.
  • You are at a point in your life where your relationships can handle your dedication to your business.
  • You have work you can return to if your business does not work out.

Small Business Primer