The RE247365 scam is a brand new business opportunity that many of my subscribers have been contacted about. They have concerns about the products that are offered and the people behind the business opportunity.  This is what I have found.

Update 12/8/2014: RE247365 is now having problems paying its representatives.  The pyramid is collapsing.  

RE247365 Scam Claims

Before today the only way to experience residual income was singing a hit song, authoring a best selling book or owning an oil well.

This is different. This is unique. This is about to change everything.

With RE’s Team Leader Program you can’t fail.

You will literally become a “BEST FRIEND” of the company when you join RE!

RE247365 Presentation Video

RE247365 Scam Presentation Video

RE247365 Scam Reality

Residual income is not a new thing in network marketing. In fact Amway representatives were using the concept to scam people out of their money back in 1987.

At various times between 1987 and 1992 the DiSalvatore attempted to induce the plaintiffs to invest time, money and effort in the “Amway system.

The DiSalvatores represented that the return from the Hayden’s investment in Amway, characterized as “residual income” would allow the Haydens to retire and receive a six figure income per year in return on their investment within two years.

You can read more about it here in the Hayden Lawsuit vs. Amway Distributor.

RE247365 or RE which stands for “Relationship Energy & Services” was lunched in August 2014.

RE Office

Corporate Office
13451 McGregor Blvd Unit 29
Fort Myers, FL 33919


The Best Friend (“BF”) VIP Program: $39.95 today (includes your RE Visa paycard) and $39.95 monthly thereafter. (Starting 9/29/14 the INITIAL FEE goes to $49.95)

Free Rep Opportunity: No monthly fee. $20.00 today (includes your RE Visa paycard).

As a Rep you can enroll new energy customers and earn commissions and bonuses, and can build a team of BFs and Reps.


Electricity – America Approved Energy Services (AAC).

Your potential customers can gain access to similar deals for free at  RE is not offering a unique product or service.

Travel – Archer Travel.

If you want to setup your own travel site like RE, you can do that through RE is not offering a unique product or service.

Business Capital – America Approved Investment Capital Funding (AAICF) and America Approved Commercial Lending (AACL).

If you want to sell access to business capital, you can do this for free through multiple affiliate programs. is one example. RE is not offering a unique product or service.

– Source

The founder of RE is Peter Jensen.

Peter Jensen

Peter Jensen’s Business History

Peter Jenson was involved as a Level 6 Director in YTB He left in 2009. His team represented over 60% of YTB. – Source Ray Higdon Newsletter

August 5, 2008 California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. announced a lawsuit against for operating a ‘gigantic pyramid scheme’ that recruited tens of thousands of members with deceptive claims that members could earn huge sums of money through its online travel agencies. – Source

AMA Nation (America Approved Energy Services) in mid 2010. Peter Jensen is the founder of America Approved Energy Services Direct, LLC

AMA Nation lost $2 million and the management team did not want to put more money into MLM operations. About 6,200 sign ups, 2,500 active distributors were left in the dust. The company will keep the customer base but will not pay the distributors. – Source

In February 2013 Peter Jensen was ordered to pay the IRS over $2.1 million and handed down a 31 month prison sentence for tax evasion. – Source

RE247365 Compensation Plan

To qualify to make retail and 50% matching commissions you must pay a monthly fee.  This is a pay to play business opportunity.

RE247365 pays a $50 Fast Start commission for every new RE247365 BF recruited.  Since RE247365 products are not unique and are not competitive, in my opinion recruitment of new BF’s will be your main source of income.

25% of all commissions are kept by the company and paid out to you over a 12 month period.  This is designed to keep you paying your monthly fee as long as possible.

Refund Policy And Returns

A BF or Customer who makes a purchase of $25.00 or more has five (5) business days after the sale or execution of a contract to cancel the order and receive a full refund.

Upon cancellation of a BF’s Agreement, the BF may return his or her sales aids held in his or her inventory for a refund. Upon receipt of the less than 1 year old “Resalable” materials and sales aids, the BF will be reimbursed 90% of the net cost of the original purchase price(s). Shipping charges incurred by a BF when the sales aids were purchased will not be refunded. – Source

RE247365 Scam Conclusion

The RE247365 scam is a brand new business opportunity that is a product-based pyramid scheme. They use deceptive advertising to get you to join. They have no products of their own and the founder is freshly out of a tax evasion conviction.  In my opinion endlessly recruiting people is the only way to make significant income with this scam.  They say you should choose your friends wisely.  I would not choose to become a “BEST FRIEND” with the RE247365 scam.

What is a product-based pyramid scheme?