Here we go again. TelexFree has been shutdown and now we have another scam to take its place.

iFreex Scam Video


You will be able to use your phone, computer and TV to make video calls and many other functions with any other mobile phone or computer in the world for FREE and earn bonuses every day.

iFreex Scam Reality

Massachusetts Commonwealth Secretary William Galvin says iFreex is a phone service app that promises lucrative returns with minimal effort, much like TelexFREE, a scam that targeted Brazilians and other minorities.

I agree with William Galvin. In my opinion iFreex is just another scam.  They are using a free app to get people to invest money into a binary network (pyramid scheme).

Here is how the scam works.

1. You sign up and get a free website to invite all your friends to also participate. You send a link to all your friends.

2. On November 3-7 you and your friends pay a single payment of $29.90 to secure a position in the global launch of the binary network (NORMAL PRICE $49.90).

3.  You participate in a pyramid scheme and almost everyone loses their money.

iFreex Scam Conclusion

In my opinion you should save your money.  Do not waste your money with one more TelexFREE knock off.

Sanderley Rodrigues de Vasconcelos, also known as Sann Rodrigues, who was once a top TelexFREE promoter, is now promoting iFreex, enticing investors to pre-register with promises of a new iPhone.

On his Facebook page, Rodrigues, a former Revere resident, even claimed that iFreex would be the new TelexFREE, which was charged by the Securities Division and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission earlier this year with fraud for allegedly operating a pyramid scheme. It is now in bankruptcy. – Source