It is time for the representatives of WakeUpNow to wake up.  In my opinion the end is near for WakeUpNow.  The CEO of WakeUpNow Kirby Cochran has stepped down and COO Phil Polich has replaced him as the new CEO.

Update: WakeUpNow has now sued Kirby Cochran for over $70 Million.

Brandon Boyd made the announcement.

WakeUpNow CEO Steps Down Video

Click Here for Kirby Cochran’s original secret agenda for WakeUpNow.

WakeUpNow has stated in a leaked report:

Through December 31, 2013, the Company has accumulated a deficit of $10,401,439 and has a stockholders’ deficit of $4,646,260.

Our operating results could be harmed if we and our distributor leaders do not generate sufficient interest in our business to retain existing distributors and attract new distributors.

If the Company is unsuccessful in these efforts and does not attain sufficient sales to permit profitable operations or if it cannot obtain sufficient additional financing, it may be required to substantially curtail or terminate its operations.

– Source WUN Information And Disclosure Statement

WakeUpNow Is A Scam?