Wings Network Scam

Some scammers just don’t know when to give up.  They can be sued and warned and they still come to your door.  This is the case with the Wings Network scam.

Wings Network Scam Claims

With Wings, you can work and have fun anytime, anywhere.

Mission, Vision and Values Mission

Build a solid, sustainable and accessible business model to all. Participate and contribute with social and economic progress.


Build society based on quality of life, bringing the individual potentials to a level of excellence.


Attitude, Ethics, Professionalism and Social Responsibility.

Wings Network Scam Presentation Video

Letter that you find when you go to the Wings Network website.

Dear Wings Member,

Much has been said and written about the past, present and future of Wings.

We want to make clear that there is still no definition about the ongoing investigative processes. Our bank accounts remain blocked, preventing us to fulfill our financial obligations with those who want returns for reimbursements assured under the contract, or for bonus payments.

We continue to say that we will do everything to defend the interests of our Members, whatever the outcome of ongoing processes.

We work every day to find alternatives that can ensure the rights of all, regardless of the time it takes to finalize the processes.

See you soon.

Carlos Barbosa

Wings Network CEO

Wings Network Scam Reality

Website became active in 2011.

Wings Network Scam CEO Carlos Barbosa

Carlos Barbosa Wings Network CEO

Located in:
Caminho do Engenho Velho 24 – Loja 1
CP: 9000-260 – São Martinho
Funchal – Madeira – Portugal

Products & Solutions

Personal Page

Solution to create your own customizable personal internet page in a simple and easy way. The page has a customizable layout and the possibility of social network sharing, mobile and tablet compatibility and improper content report resource. A tool built for personal pages, service and product promotion pages or anything you desire.


Recruiter is a series of tools built especial for new client prospection. With easy to use resources and high performance results, this innovative solution allows you to engage new users in a faster way and have a better control of registration and contacts. The Recruiter offers promotional content and videos, being an automatized app where you can personalize it as you wish to work on your own.


People spend an average of 7h a day on their smartphones, 80% of that time on apps. And it is with modern and innovative apps that Wings will make a difference on your quality of life and work. Have the freedom to work anytime and anywhere, in a simple and fast way. Everyone can access the most innovative multilevel mobile online sales system.


Synchronize your contacts from your smartphone, Facebook and Gtalk and send instant messages with an integrated All-in-One system. Voice and Video group Calls and Instant messages, Record your calls and enjoy exclusive contents. You can use in smartphones and Tablets with IOS and Android. Simple and Intuitive interface.


WingsCloud will give you mobility, security, you will be able to make backups regularly. Access your files and schedule backups directly from your phone or tablet. Store your files in the cloud securely and quickly. Keep up to 40GB of space as your package.

Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller Warning About Wings Network

October 23, 2014 – Secretary of State Ross Miller warns Nevadans to beware of a possibly fraudulent investment scheme targeting minority communities, specifically Spanish and Portuguese. Wings Network is a multi-level marketing program that is advertising online, and being sold door-to-door or through friends and relatives.

Wings Network offers investors various packages ranging from $49 to $1,499. The “Elite” package purportedly requires an investor to purchase the package for $1,499, pay an activation fee of $49, and recruit two additional people to buy the package. The seller then allegedly promises that the investor is guaranteed to receive a minimum of $750 per month for one year afterward.

Investors may be told that Wings Network is associated with smartphone applications compatible with Google Play and Apple. Individuals who purchase the “Elite” package gain access to the Wings Network website, which provides them with information related to their purchase. Wings Network is allegedly associated with Tropikgadget FZE located in the United Arab Emirates.  – Source

After the below complaint was filed against the Wings Network, operations were supposedly stopped in the United States. From the above warning in Nevada that does not seem to be the case.

Mass. Secretary of State William Galvin’s Complaint Against Wings Network

May 15, 2014 – Wings Network purportedly offers for sale a product involving technologically advanced and innovative mobile marketing platforms that allows consumers to download electronic content for a fee. However, the product is ancellary to the business of recruiting other investors to become participants in Wings Network by purchasing one of the starter packs. The marketing materials, online selling presentations and assertions by the individual Respondents make it clear that the primary purpose of Wings Netowrk is to recruit additional members. Furthermore, the opportunity can only be realized if the prospective investors make mandatory payments for a starter package and pay a membership fee.  The Enforcement Section asserts that the Wings Network multilevel marketing business opportunity is actually a thinly veiled pyramid scheme.

The use of trendy internet terms combined with meaningless high technology buzzwords and slick websites are all devices to dazzle prospective investors and induce them to purchase their way into the Wings Network scheme. The product itself is redundant because it is not necessary to use any product, including Respondents’ product, to download electronic content. In fact, none of the Massachusetts investors ever used the product and were told that the product and sales of the product were unimportant to the true purpose of the program. The true purpose of the program was to recruit additional participants into the Wings Network and investors were told that recruitment was how the investor was going to make any significant money.

– Source

It’s important to get a complete picture of how the plan works: not just how much money distributors make, but also how much time and money they spend on the plan, how long it takes before they’re earning money, and how big a downline is needed to make money. One sign of a pyramid scheme is if distributors sell more product to other distributors than to the public — or if they make more money from recruiting than they do from selling. -Source Federal Trade Commission on Multi-Level Marketing

Wings Network Scam Conclusion

In my opinion the Wings Network is a clear Pyramid/Ponzi scheme and should be shutdown worldwide today.  If these scammers come to your door send them away.