Worldventures Pyramid Scheme
11/28/2014 WorldVentures has lost their appeal of a decision by the Norwegian Gaming Board that said they were a pyramid scheme. WorldVentures is now judged to be a pyramid scheme in Norway.

A central question in the case was whether more than 50 percent of revenues in the business came from the recruitment of new members. Gaming Authorities concluded that this condition was present, and WorldVentures is regarded as a pyramid scheme. 

This means WorldVentures must stop its operations in Norway immediately.


Lawyer and partner Haakon Juell Hassel is now taking the state to court on behalf of WorldVentures.

Hassel believes that WorldVentures has collaborated with regulatory authorities and provided all required documentation and information relating to the nature of the business.

“I will, on behalf of my client, provide immediate legal action including injunction to get the court’s confirmation that WorldVentures operates in accordance with the law.”

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