Launched in July 2014, the Freedom Fighters Network was started by Jordan Shultz and Angela Moore as a business opportunity. When the program was first set up they basically had it as a sales funnel that led you directly to The Empower Network. However, recently they have removed this as a mandatory step. An estimated 25,000+ marketers invested in The Freedom Fighters Network.

Here is how the program was run:

It was free to register an account with the program, then after 7 days they charged you $47 per month for access to all of their tools and knowledge.

After you set up an account, you went through the five steps in the program.

  1. Join their private Facebook group.
  2. Set up your personal profile in the system.
  3. Set up your autoresponder. The autoresponder is completely free for the first 7 days, then after that it is $29.95 per month.
  4. Buy traffic packages to send people to your autoresponder. You make $25 per month for each person who successfully joins. You make $15 per month for each person who signs up for the autoresponder.
  5. Complete a course on how to get free traffic from Facebook sent directly to your autoresponder.

Click Here for a video of Jordan Schultz and Angela Moore presenting The Freedom Fighters Network.

It has been announced that The Freedom Fighters Network scam is bankrupt. Clearly this system did not actually work. Their website has been shutdown and they will not be able to pay the commissions owed to their representatives. Angela and Jordan claim they are broke, they are selling all their possessions and will be living in Angela’s car.

Empower Network Scam?