On December 29th, 2014, ZeekRewards Receiver Kenneth Bell filed a Federal lawsuit entitled “Bell v. Bjerring et al”.  In the lawsuit 22 Australian scammers are named.  The amount of money taken from their victims is provided.

Kenneth Bell

ZeekRewards operated a massive Ponzi and pyramid scheme from at least January 2011 until August 2012 in which over 700,000 participants lost over $700 million dollars. Kenneth Bell is taking legal action to get some of that money back from Australian scammers. Below are the names of the Australian defendants listed in the lawsuit.

  • Gert Bjerring a resident of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, $826,801.73
  • David Mitchell a resident of Tyalgum, New South Wales, Australia, $298,802.10
  • Nicola Holloway a resident of Hope Island, Queensland, Australia, $273,009.36
  • Sam Fawahl a resident of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, $232,564.55
  • Warren Hickey a resident of Hope Island, Queensland, Australia, $159,757.73
  • Lars Frederiksen a resident of Willetton, Western Australia, Australia, $139,365.49
  • Paul Mandelt a resident of Hillarys, Western Australia, Australia, $128,913.02
  • Kelvian Hansen a resident of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia,  $111,799.43
  • Anni Thompson a resident of Yandina Creek, Queensland, Australia, $95,566.00
  • Ann Audrey a resident of Hope Island, Queensland, Australia, $83,487.05
  • R&J Thumm Family P/L as Trustee for Thumm Investment Trust, Australia, $80,130.26
  • David Cane a resident of Hope Island, Queensland, Australia, $77,296.57
  • Donna Walton a resident of Beaudesert, Queensland, Australia, $76,730.36
  • Michael Georghiou a resident of Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia, $74,968.93
  • Thomas von Eitzen a resident of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, $74,854.07
  • Bradley Ferries a resident of Hope Island, Queensland, Australia, $72,325.96
  • Robin Reid a resident of Hope Island, Queensland, Australia, $61,114.41
  • Linda Welch a resident of Lower Beechmont, Queensland, Australia, $60,274.22
  • Maureen Fisher a resident of Dicky Beach, Queensland, Australia,  $55,797.49
  • Barry Goodsell a resident of Bertram, Western Australia, Australia, $53,650.26
  • David Joseph a resident of Mount Claremont, Western Australia, Australia, $52,581.70
  • Birthe Seaton a resident of Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia, $52,477.31

Like all classic Ponzi and pyramid schemes, the vast majority of the Zeek winners’ money came from the Zeek losers rather than legitimate business profits. At least $845 million was paid into Zeek. No more than $6.3 million (less than 1%) came from retail bid purchases by non-participants. In total, the Zeek database records show that over 92% of the money paid into Zeek came from net losers, and Zeek’s net winners received over $283 million in net winnings.

Because Zeek’s net winners “won” (the victims’) money in an unlawful combined Ponzi and pyramid scheme, the net winners are not permitted to keep their winnings and must return the fraudulently transferred winnings back to the Receiver for distribution to Zeek’s victims.

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