Update: WakeUpNow has now sued Kirby Cochran for over $70 Million.

Official word has finally arrived from WakeUpNow:

Effective immediately, WakeUpNow will cease all network marketing operations in the United States. We will continue to sell our products, including Awaken Thunder and the WUN Fit line of products. We will diligently work to fulfill all financial obligations of the company. I will continue to work with the creditors and vendors in anticipation of getting all obligations resolved.

It goes without saying that our hearts are heavy over this decision. It wasn’t taken lightly, and it wasn’t done without understanding the impact on the lives of so many people that worked with us.

Our hope is that your life is better for having been a part of the #WUNLife. We hope you move on to what is next and be better because of the experiences you have had with WakeUpNow. We hope you will remember the company for the way we changed the entire network marketing industry.


Philip J. Polich
WakeUpNow, Inc.

I have received reports today that WakeUpNow is closing.  There have been many reports of problems with representatives not being paid.  Here is the information that I have been able to find.

2/9/2015 “…this was not planned. And as of last Friday everything was on schedule with infotrax to launch and go forward. But as more and more was discovered over the past few days it became evident that there was no way to save it, no matter how much money was invested. The risk was too high and unfortunately the doors have to be closed. Believe what you want, but if that was the plan, then they would not have invested all the time and money since October with infotrax and others.” – Source Eric Turner (Seemore Green)

Brandon Boyd resigns from WakeUpNow.

Brandon Text

Here is the reason Brandon provides for his resignation.

2/9/2015 “Started having issues with the merchant account and were not able to payout commissions, period. Not getting paid makes things tough to move forward.” – Source Facebook

Eric Turner (Seemore Green) resigns from WakeUpNow.

Eric Turner

Here is the reason Eric provides for his resignation.

2/9/2015 “…when I started seeing other people in the company not getting their commissions because of all the issues it started to affect me. In October 2014, corporate decided to go forward with a 3rd party back office system, because the in-house development team could not get the job done. We were supposed to have that ready and launched this month, February 2015. Well, it’s ready, but WakeUpNow is not. And it might never be. And that is why I am here today to let you know that I am no longer a part of the #‎WUNLIFE‬.” – Source Facebook

Logan Shippy leaves WakeUpNow and explains why.

With the failure of the WakeUpNow scam, Gregory Perdriel (Kashiz King IV) is defiant.

*** Outsiders…

Thaaaaats right… Keep talking bout Wake up Now… Keep that edge rank & research on Wake Up Now. keep having new people find out. Keep having them look up what the “faces”of Wake Up Now are up to. Keep making status with your 2 cents Keep up with the hahaaas & keep your mind distracted from the fact you’re making little or no money in your current FUFU biz( notice how your WUN related posts get more feedback than the promo posts of your FUFU biz. It’s because WE left an imprint) I’ll sit back, then when you least expect it, BANG!

*** – Source Facebook

I will be updating this page as the story unfolds.

WakeUpNow Is A Scam?