There are multiple mobile apps that have made claims that they can detect symptoms of melanoma, even in its early stages.  The only problem is, there is no evidence that they can actually reliably do this. This scam could have a major impact on your health.

Melanoma Detection App Scam Claims

Melanoma Detection App Scam

Whether sunning on the beach, cheering at the kids’ outdoor sporting events or hitting the slopes, chances are you’re being affected by damaging UV rays. MelApp is an image-based risk assessment mobile app that assists in the early detection of melanoma.

Melanoma is the fastest growing cancer worldwide, and the most deadly of all skin cancers, if not caught early. Performing regular self-exams could save your life or that of a loved one.

Checking a mole or freckle is quick and easy:

1. Use MelApp to take a picture of the skin lesions of concern with a smartphone’s camera, enlarging it with the zoom feature to fit into the green box, then

2. Pin point the mole size and its evolution by sliding the corresponding indicator bar and tap on “Check Risk.” Within seconds MelApp will provide a risk analysis of the uploaded picture being a melanoma.

MelApp uses highly sophisticated patent protected state-of-the-art mathematical algorithms and image-based pattern recognition technology to analyze the uploaded image. The app was validated using DermAtlas, an open access, physician-edited database of over 10,000 high quality histological and clinical images of skin conditions.

Mole Detective takes pictures of moles on your skin and analyzes their symptoms of melanoma to increase the chance of detecting skin cancer in early stages. The survival rate of melanoma is a dismal 15% at stage four. However, when caught early, the survival rate is 95%. Early detection is critical. Mole Detective helps you to detect skin cancer earlier by helping you track the top five symptoms of the cancer right at home.

The Mole Detective app became popular, when it was featured on “The Dr. Oz Show”.

Dr Oz: Mole Detective App Detects Skin Cancer

Is $5 a good price for an app that could save your life? Steve recommended Mole Detective, which helps you figure out whether you should be concerned about your moles. It can use pictures to determine whether you should be concerned about moles you’ve found on your body.

It can even give you monthly reminders to re-examine moles and track their evolution. This app sounds pretty powerful, and it only costs $4.99.

Melanoma Detection App Scam

Melanoma Detection App Scam Reality

MelApp or Mole Detective do not accurately detect melanoma or risk of melanoma.  There is no scientific evidence that these apps work. Their claims are false.

The marketers for both apps have agreed to a settlement with the FTC that prevents them from claiming that their apps can accurately detect or diagnose symptoms of melanoma. – Source FTC

So let’s sum this up.  These mobile apps take your money and put you at risk of not going to the doctor when you may have skin cancer. Skin cancer that has a good chance of killing you when you do not catch it early.

Melanoma Detection App Scam Conclusion

When it comes to your healthy, be very careful about the claims that are made by mobile application developers.  Their false claims could cost you your health and well being.  Avoid the Melanoma Detection App scam.