Pigeon King Scam

When it comes to taking on scams that have gained credibility, you may have to go back to the basics of activism to wake people up.

When a man appeared outside a company open house in Ontario, warning that Pigeon King was a scam on the verge of collapse, people thought he was crazy. Then again, he was standing on a log, in the cold, shouting through a megaphone.

The man on the log was David J. Thornton. He is 73, and runs a website called CrimeBustersNow, a one-man vigilante regulatory force bent on taking down pyramids and Ponzi schemes. – Source nytimes.com


There are many different types of scam busters in the world.  Some take direct action like David Thornton and others share their opinion like me.  The New York Times has written a story that covers the battle that David fought with The Pigeon King.  It is a very interesting read.

I think some of the most valuable information from the story is how scams protect themselves from people who expose them.  It also shows how victims of the scam become so attached to the scam that they are willing to threaten anyone that can upset the arrangement.  You will see many similarities with the arguments that are used currently to protect scams.

The Pigeon King and the Ponzi Scheme That Shook Canada