InboxDollars Scam

A common marketing scam is the paid online survey scam. In this scam they trick you into handing over money or personal information in the belief you are going to be paid for taking part.  My subscribers have requested I take a look into InboxDollars.  Here is what I have found.

InboxDollars Scam Claims

Be rewarded for your online activities.
Share your opinion and be rewarded while helping to shape future consumer products and services.
Play your favorite arcade and puzzle games for free or compete for rewards, the choice is yours.
Shop your favorite retailers for great online deals and get rewards from InboxDollars.

InboxDollars Scam Reality

InboxDollars was founded in 2000. It is owned by CotterWeb Enterprises, Inc..

They offer you a $5 credit when you signup with them. You will not be able to receive that $5 until you earn a total of $30 with them.  When you receive a payment from them they charge you $3 for that payment.

You earn money by responding to emails, filling out surveys, playing games, watching videos, filling out cash offers, searching the web, and shopping.

The key to this scam is they provide almost no money for anything other than you joining offers that end up with you spending money upfront or when you do not cancel the offer in time.  Their goal is to have you spend money with their advertising partners and not to make you a profit.

Members who actively participate may receive up to 3 PaidEmails per day, while Members who do not actively participate may not receive any PaidEmails. You make 2 cents when you read their emails.  After reading emails daily for a year, you can earn up to a whopping $21.90.

If you use InboxDollars search you will earn $0.01 for each two qualified searches, maximum $0.15 per day.

Filling out surveys is presented as a key way for you to make money with InboxDollars.  Many members have complained about the experience they have had with surveys.

I signed up, spent a good hour answering all kinds of questions. Redirected here, redirected there and now my phone is blowing up with 20 calls a day from various telemarketers. I keep blocking them and they continue with different numbers. It’s harassment and I know I did not check the button consenting. I was very careful not to. However, the accepting terms and conditions allows this and these type of websites need regulated from this crap. – Source

Okay, so this is my problem with Inbox Dollars. I go through pages of answering tons of questions, so technically they are getting my opinion and at the end they go “Oh, sorry you don’t qualify for this survey.” So even if you put 30-40 minutes of time into your surveys and actually answer all the questions and get all this information, they make sure you don’t get money out of it WHILE still technically getting your information. It’s a scam to me because I don’t think it’s fair that I go through about 30 survey’s a day and they tell me all the time that I don’t qualify for anything at all. – Source

InboxDollars says that they are established, with integrity.  The reality is they take no responsibility for the offers that they provide to their members and offer no guarantee that they will be paid.

When a Member completes an Offer through InboxDollars, they are creating a direct relationship with the Advertiser who provided the Offer. Members should review the Advertiser‘s Terms and Conditions relating to the Offer prior to completing the Offer. InboxDollars assumes no liability, obligation, or responsibility for any Offer on our Website, or for any subsequent billing or relationship that occurs between Member and Advertiser. Members should contact the Advertiser directly if they have any questions or disputes relating to the Offer.

InboxDollars makes no guarantee that members will receive credit for completing an offer.  

– Source InboxDollars Terms

If you do not continue to regularly participate in their marketing scam, InboxDollars has put in place a system that keeps you from receiving payment for your past work.

If a Member does not visit our website while being logged in or confirm a PaidEmail at least one time within a 10-day period, their Account may become inactive. InboxDollars reserves the right to change this number at any time.

Payment Requests are removed if a Member’s Account becomes inactive.

If a member does not visit our website while being logged in or confirm a PaidEmail at least one time within a 6-month period, their Account will be permanently removed and all Cash or other items accrued will be forfeited.  – Source InboxDollars Terms

Here is what one member said about getting paid by InboxDollars:

Cash out – Reach 30 dollars cash out for 27 dollars. A 3 dollar fee to cash out which can be avoided if you add another 10 dollars in 30 days (yea right). But the 3 dollars is given back as a credit to your account.
KEEP doing stuff on site until check arrives or account will be discontinued and you will not get paid.
Bottom line waste 2-3 hours a week here and maybe get 27 dollars a year for it…..MAYBE! – Source

InboxDollars gives you the impression that you will be rewarded for what you do online.  The reality is you need to interact with the advertisers they have created relationships with to receive money.  They provide an insignificant amount of money for your time and effort. Most people will stop long before they reach the $30 payout amount because of the ridiculous amount of spam and time required to receive money.

InboxDollars Scam Conclusion

In my opinion, InboxDollars is not a money making opportunity but a marketing scam.  They provided you with a tiny amount of money so they can take your personal information and sell it to spammers and telemarketers. Their goal is to have you spend money with their advertising partners and not to make you a profit. If you do not remain active, you can lose your entire account.  Avoid the InboxDollars marketing scam.