WrapMatch ScamOne of the common scams you will find on the internet is the car ad wrap scam.  There are a few different versions of this scam.  My subscribers have requested I take a look into WrapMatch.  Here is what I have found.

WrapMatch Scam Claims

Get Paid to Drive!

WrapMatch is (dare we say) a little exclusive. We’ve partnered with some of the biggest brands on the planet which means if you’re amazing enough to work with them, we want to treat you right. #moneytalks

We pay our mobile advertisers up to $400 p/month to drive where they normally would.

It is better than donating plasma.

Here is a promotional video for WrapMatch:

WrapMatch Scam Drivers Video

WrapMatch Scam Reality

WrapMatch is a national transit media company that allows businesses to target markets with ads on pre-screen commuters vehicles. They were founded in 2012.

443 N University Ave
Provo, UT 84601, United States

After you signup to be a driver with WrapMatch, they charge you $4.99 to activate your account.  Everyone that signs up is given a 7 day free trail for premium services (e.g. additional advertising opportunities to increase earning potential), then $19.99 per month is charged after the 7 day trial period.

The only guarantee they have is for premium members. They guarantee that all premium members are offered a campaign within 10 days of signing up. Saying that people make between $50 and $400 a month in their advertisements is not a guarantee that you will make any amount of money – that is a loose average. As a basic member, there is no guarantee that you will ever be offered an ad campaign.

If you’re not a premium member you are waiting for a business to pick your car as one they want to advertise on. So until a business looks through our database of cars, sees yours, likes it, and lets us know they want your car for their ad campaign – you won’t get any offers. Although this does happen, businesses usually choose cars that have performed well in premium commission campaigns first because they know that their advertising budget will get a good return. As a basic member with no track record you are a wildcard to them; regardless of what kind of car you drive or where you drive it. Will you get a match? Probably, but we can’t guarantee anything unless you are a premium member. – Source Wrapmatch.desk.com

For basic members there is a shipping charge to receive your ad.  The charge to ship an ad to California was $8.99 per ad.

WrapMatch offers a referral program to premium members which gives you your own unique online URL to share. For every person that clicks on that URL and signs up for WrapMatch as a basic or a premium member you get $7.

WrapMatch offers a rewards program that allows you to fill out offers that give you points that you can cashout for money. If you do not cancel these trial offers in time, they can end up costing you money.  I don’t see how this has anything to do with putting ads on your car and seems to be just one more way for them to profit off of their members.  

The Minimum Points to Cash Out is 2,500 ($25).

Refund Policy

They have a no refund policy.


1) After paying for the premium and paying the monthly fee for the premium,I made ZERO DOLLARS. I displayed the sign. I passed out flyers. I advertised on social media. And there was not a single sign up. The return on investment was not worth the monthly fee or the sign up fee.

2) There seemed to be ZERO INTEREST generated around this idea. I pushed REALLY HARD and no one seemed to be interested in the idea. In addition, I did not see many (IF ANY) other drivers sporting the Wrapmatch logo on their vehicles.

3) The person that I signed up under experienced the same thing. In addition, it was brought to my attention that she never received the fee for signing me up.

4) I did not see any evidence that Wrapmatch had any other companies that were available to advertise for. After experiencing no success with the “Wrapmatch” campaign, I requested to be taken off of the premium and just use the regular non-premium campaign. I WAS NEVER CONTACTED BY ANYONE AFTER MY REQUEST.  – Source Sitejabber.com

His a video from someone that lost money after six months as a member:

WrapMatch Scam Complaint Video

WrapMatch Scam Conclusion

In my opinion, WrapMatch is a marketing scam.  They bring in as many people as possible and get them to pay a fee.  Unless you pay a monthly fee there is no guarantee that you will have a chance to regain your money.  There is no reason you should pay a company to market their ads on your car.