Disrupt Scam

After the end of WakeUpNow in the United States, it was inevitable that something new would be created to take its place. Many of the key players from the WakeUpNow scam have something “new” for you. The scam cycle begins again. You can expect hype that outperforms all other hype before it.

The things that are about to happen…..I honestly don’t think you guys are ready for it. – Eric Turner (Seemore Green)

Who wants to actually make money for taking selfies, making videos, take pics of food, and have people from all walks of life talk about your business subliminally or directly? Who wants to have fun with people you can relate to and not be forced to be around people who otherwise you’d never hang with in person if it wasn’t for making money (or attempting to make money) in the same circle, Raise your hand or say “Disruptia” – Gregory Perdriel (Kashiz King IV)

I always enjoy the nicknames these guys have.

Some of the other people involved with Disrupt are: Former WakeUpNow President Jason Elrod, Rea Nichols, Daryl Kingston Djuan, Gustavo Zapz, Chaycen Green, Antonio Unemployable Johnson, Fluent Cash Flow, and Justin Hoffman.

A teaser video has been created that tells you nothing about the business.

Disrupt Worldwide Scam Video

The clown buses have been ad wrapped and are rolling across the country.

Disrupt Scam Buses

The compensation plan is being leaked and it looks like every other product-based pyramid scheme in the world.

Soon you will have a chance to part with your money.  Will you let them Disrupt your bank account?

In my opinion, you should save your money until this company can prove that they really do offer competitive and valuable products that can be sold. Don’t make the same mistakes that were made with WakeUpNow and join another endless chain recruiting scam. Don’t board a hype train to nowhere.

I will keep you updated as the Disrupt story unfolds.