Fake It Until You Make It Video

A common thing you see in online marketing is people faking success in the hope that they can create success. This idea is not exclusive to online marketing and you will see it shared by actors and all kinds of business people.

This is also the motto of many scammers.

Mark Hughes of Herbalife
Real Leadership is faking it until you make it.

Instead of selling a product or service many scammers like to sell you a fake lifestyle.

A life of endless travel.

A life of fancy cars.

A life of private jets.

A life of little or no work.

Here is my beautiful life and now buy my $49.95 package and you can have it too!

If you see people doing this, walk away from them. They are trying to take advantage of you.

How can you ethically fake it until you make it?  Share your comments below on how you can do it.

In my opinion, you can ethically fake it until you make it by projecting the confidence of a future successful self and company. You don’t have to share your limited resources with your customers as long as you can deliver on the claims you are making to them.