Anonymous Targets MCA ScammerThe level of deception that is used to scam people out of their money with Motor Club of America MCA is incredible. Recently an Anonymous video has surfaced targeting one of these scammers because of this deception: Elijah “DeLorean” Johnson.

Here is that video:

How many of these claims are true? Is this an actual Anonymous video or a fake?  There is no way to know if an Anonymous video is genuine. We will see if his private information is made public by Anonymous.

What I do know is DeLorean aka Elijah Johnson remains an active MCA representative.  You can see that on the website (The official website of MCA). He uses to promote MCA.

TVCmatrix Elijah Johnson

It would seem that Motor Club of America does not have a compliance department. Almost anything goes.

DeLorean makes incredible income claims even when MCA does not have an income disclosure that shows what people are actually making.


In my opinion, flashing wads of cash is totally deceptive marketing for this endless recruiting scheme.

MCA Wads of Cash Scam

Please avoid any of these MCA scammers that are using these unethical marketing techniques.

MCA Motor Club of America Scam?