Ty Long $250 No Website System Scam

Some scams are so obvious you think that they are a joke.  Then you find out that many people are falling for the scam.  The loses are very real. My subscribers have requested I take a look into the Ty Long $250 No Website System.  Here is what I have found.

Ty Long $250 No Website System Scam Claims

You can make $250 to $1000+ per day with no website, no selling, and no talking to prospects.

No technical skills are needed.

Everything is done for you!

Here is a video presentation for this scam:

Ty Long $250 No Website System Scam Video

Ty Long $250 No Website System Scam Reality

The Ty Long $250 No Website System was launched in 2014. Its creator is Ty long.

The Ty Long $250 No Website System is nothing but a pyramid scheme where you pay $250 directly to your sponsor. Once you do that you gain access to the same system that your sponsor used to get you to pay him $250.  You then purchase leads and phone time from companies the creator of this scam has contracted with.

You make a profit when you get two or more people to join this scheme. Those people make a profit when they get two or more people to join this scheme. The endless cycle of recruitment goes on until you run out of people foolish enough to join.

The creator of this scam makes money from everyone that joins directly through him and anyone that purchases the leads and phone system.

The most successful people promoting this have websites. Most promoters recommend you purchase a website. It is very deceptive to call this the No Website System.

This scam offers no product or service that you can retail to customers. They are not offering you a real business opportunity.

In any pyramid scheme, it’s a mathematical fact that 88 percent of the participants will be on the bottom level.  This means that at least 88% of people that participate in the Ty Long $250 No Website System will lose money. – Source Howstuffworks.com


For your $250 you purchase the rights to use the “Ty Long No Website System”, which includes a ready made voice mail system and system overview video.

$9.95 per month for a voice mail phone system.

$99 for 1000 prospects to call.

$97 optional website (not all sponsors offer this).



Compensation Plan

You get suckers to pay you $250 using a phone voice recording or internet video recording.

Income Disclosure

You must be willing to assume the RISK that you will NOT make a single dime from our program, as we do NOT guarantee any income, of any kind, at any time.

Refund Policy

They have a NO refund policy.

Here are some websites that promote this scam:


Ty Long $250 No Website System Scam Conclusion

This is a pathetic scam that should be avoided.  These types of programs are one of the reasons why online business opportunities have a bad reputation.  Each individual who profits does so from the payments of others who are themselves making payments in order to obtain their own profit. This is a pyramid scheme. Avoid the Ty Long $250 No Website System scam.