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Update 7/27/2016: The SEC has shutdown Traffic Monsoon for being a Ponzi Scheme.  

Traffic Monsoon is advertised as a specialized advertising and revenue sharing company that allows international participation of individuals and groups. A common scam that is run on the internet is the advertising revenue sharing scam. The way this scam works is you buy ads to participate in a revenue share and you click on ads to create traffic for others who have done the same. It is basically a closed marketing system where you are marketing to other advertisers and clicking on each others ads. Banners Broker is a good example of this type of scam.  Here is what I have found out about Traffic Monsoon.

Traffic Monsoon Scam Claims

TrafficMonsoon was established with a clear mission in mind: to provide high quality ad services for affordable prices, and share revenues for a perfect winning combination that will lead to the ultimate success of our customers.

We aspire to go beyond the standards set by others, and progress forward to raise the bar of excellence. We believe that true prosperity & success can be accomplished as our community shares its goals, and focuses on efforts to bring these services into the hands of those who need them most.

If we succeed in our mission, then the services we offer will have repeat buyers due to the quality and ability to deliver massive amounts of traffic, which will generate continuous sharing of revenues with those who participate in the program.

Here is how this money making opportunity is presented:

Traffic Monsoon Scam Presentation Video

Traffic Monsoon Scam Reality

Traffic Monsoon is owned by Charles Scoville. It was launch in 2014.  The company is based in Utah: 4927 Murray Blvd Z9 Murray, UT 84123 .

Charles Scoville

Utah is a hot bed for business opportunity scams.

Charles Scoville has been involved with many money making schemes in the past.  Most of them are considered to be scams.

Here is what has to say about Charles Scoville:

Trafficmonsoon is owned by Charles Scoville, a serial scammer responsible for a few closed scam sites including:,,,,,,,,, These sites are dead, gone, no longer online, improperly closed down without paying out pending and current balances. I was a member on most of these sites and I remember very well how they ended. A few hundred thousands members remember too. A few months ago Charles Scoville launched Trafficmonsoon, another investment scheme of his. We do not endorse or promote sites managed by previous scammers, thus we wouldn’t recommend Trafficmonsoon.

Charles Scoville responds to the people that think he is a scam in the following video:

Charles Scoville Video

Scammers love to blame jealous haters for the bad press that they receive. Charles Scoville does that in his video.

My favorite part of his explanation is when he talks about how a service he chose for his customers to handle their money took their money and then he goes on to explain how people are just not willing to do the work to be successful.  Clearly he is not willing to do the work to select a reliable service to handle his customers money.   Also,  I do not know of any reputable company that has the problems he is describing with his payment processors.  He does not address why Paypal froze his account in the above video.

Here is a response from the admin of that does explain why Paypal froze Charles Scoville’s account:

What you fail to recognize is that not everyone believes in your excuses. Your sites were active scams a long time before the OboPay issue.

The other programs paid out until all the customers stopped using the sites/services, and no one ever “wasn’t paid”

Customers wouldn’t stop using reliable sites/services. People stop using non-paying sites like these past sites you ran, in which you converted pending cashouts to membership upgrades, charged $100 per support ticket, raised the minimum cashout a few times to prevent people from cashing out, suspended people without a valid reason, charged $25 to remove the suspension. That’s why the number of registered members on Infinitybux dropped from 325000 down to 3000. Same for your other sites. On reliable and paying sites satisfied customers will bring more people to take advantage of the referral system, and the number of members will constantly grow, only dissatisfied customers leave poorly managed sites. It’s a big failure for a site owner to claim that “all the customers stopped using the sites/services”.

In 2011 all 6 ptc sites struggled because of losing paypal and payza credit card issues, and within 6 months all pending payouts were paid.

Wrong. You converted pending cashouts to membership upgrades. That’s not “paying out”.

For you there is always someone else to blame, for instance Paypal, later Alertpay/Payza, but you forgot to mention that running a Ponzi scheme consisting of 6 unsustainable bux sites is against Paypal’s terms.

We have been paying instantly through AlertPay and PayPal for quite some time, but PayPal is not as secure, and they take their insecurities out on their sellers.

Instead of increasing their security and making it tougher on the hackers and scammers to take advantage of their system, they simply remove the sellers that the hackers and scammers target.

So for you Paypal is not a secure payment processor, yet you are using it again on Traffic Monsoon. Does that make Traffic Monsoon an insecure site?

Charles Scoville is using Paypal and Payza again for Traffic Monsoon.  I guess he did not learn his lesson the first time.

Has Charles Scoville changed his ways with Traffic Monsoon?

Some customers of his site have reported the following:

So I went and signed up.  Put down a hundred something bucks in my account and made an ad.

The status was set to pending review… ok cool I will go to dinner.  Got back home a few hours later.  Pumped to login and see how it’s going…   I got this:


Traffic Monsoon Scam Blocked Account

No email no refund…

– Source

How exactly is blocking someones account without notice and refund an ethical business?

Traffic Monsoon is an old scam with a new name.

Traffic Monsoon is a type of scam that has been run under many names on the internet. This scam is where you buy ads to participate in a revenue share and you click on ads to create traffic for others that buy ads to participate in the same revenue share. It is basically a closed marketing system where you are marketing to other advertisers. Banners Broker is a good example of this type of scam.

The traffic you are buying with Traffic Monsoon is near worthless traffic for anything other than the make money online niche.  The reason it is near worthless is the vast majority of people that are clicking to go to your site are people that are trying to make money by participating in the revenue sharing and are not people who are looking to spend money as customers. Untargeted traffic is absolutely useless and does nothing for your business.

The common argument that is made to justify this type of scam is that, “I have received a payment therefor it is not a scam.” This is what makes Ponzi schemes so effective at taking money from people.  Some people will receive payment, but once the amount of people joining the scheme slows down it fails and many lose their money.


To participate in the revenue sharing you need to purchase an ad pack for $50 + Processor Fees.  Representatives encourage you to purchase at least 10 ad packs to start.

An ad pack includes:

  • 20 Pay-Per-Click Banner Credits
  • 1000 Traffic Exchange Credits
  • 1 Revenue Sharing Position

By clicking a minimum of 10 ads in a day, you qualify to receive a share in the revenues generated from sales of services.

There is a 2% fee to withdraw money with Paypal.


  • Pay-Per-Click Banner Ad Campaigns
  • Pay-Per-Click Text Ad Campaigns
  • Traffic Exchange Start Pages
  • Traffic Exchange Credit Purchases
  • Monsoon Traffic Packages
  • Login Ads

Compensation Plan

Purchase an ad pack that gives ad service + a sharing position that will share up to $55 with you. You must click at least 10 ads in the traffic exchange to qualify for referral click earnings & sharing each day. Qualifying lasts 24 hours, just like needing to qualify for referral clicks & rental earnings on a paid-to-click.

More referrals will be more money for you.

10 referrals X $0.10 earnings from cash links X 30 days = $30 from your referral clicks
10 referrals X $0.10 earnings from cash links X 365 days = $365 from your referral clicks
500 referrals X $0.10 earnings from cash links X 30 days = $1,500 from your referral clicks
500 referrals X $0.10 earnings from cash links X 365 days = $18,250 from your referral clicks
1000 referrals X $0.10 earnings from cash links X 30 days = $3,000 from your referral clicks
1000 referrals X $0.10 earnings from cash links X 365 days = $36,500 from your referral clicks

There are really 4 opportunities to earn with traffic monsoon.

— paid to click
— using ad services to generate leads to make money in your primary business
— revenue sharing
— direct sales commissions

You’ll receive 10% commissions from all your referral purchases, except for cash link purchases. There’s no commissions from cash link purchases, because all the money from those purchases are divided up to be rewarded to clickers and the sponsor of the clicker.

You can request your first payment when your balance reaches $2.00.
This minimum increases by $1.00 for each withdrawal until you reach $10.00($2.00, then $3.00, then $4.00, and so forth up to $10.00)Then, your minimum will remain at $10.00.

The business opportunity that Traffic Monsoon offers is for you to purchase near worthless ad packs and recruit others to make 10% commissions and additional revenue share from them purchasing the same ad packs. The clicking on the 10 ads is used to give some legitimacy to this Ponzi scheme.

Income Disclosure

You agree that our past performance does not guarantee you the same results in the future. You agree to hold TrafficMonsoon harmless from any loss and / or liability to your purchase, therefore do not purchase services that you can not afford to pay for, as you are spending it at your own risk. – Source Traffic Monsoon Terms of Service

Refund Policy

No refunds, because all revenues are already shared with all active members and commissions paid to your referring sponsor.

Another scam run by Charles Scoville:


Recent scams by Charles Scoville that have been shutdown:

Traffic Monsoon Scam Conclusion

In my opinion, Traffic Monsoon is running a Ponzi scheme. They are using new money from advertisers to pay previous advertisers. With near worthless traffic, there is little or no reason for someone to buy Traffic Monsoon ads unless they want to be part of the revenue sharing program. Traffic Monsoon is operated by a serial scammer that consistently has problems with his payment processors. Avoid the Traffic Monsoon scam.

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