Dubli Exposed And Team Wukar No Longer Exists

Official DubLi Statement Regarding Matt Trainer Video:

As a company, DubLi will respond in the best interest of its shareholders, Business Associates, customers and employees to protect and preserve its reputation against unmitigated attacks. Fictitious stories concerning DubLi’s business model or its management team will be challenged.

As such, DubLi will be filing suit against Matt Trainer in response to his fabrications put forward in a video last week.

In an explosive video, Matt Trainer of Team WUKAR exposes DubLi and makes it clear that he will no longer be a “savior” to people.  Also, there is no longer a Team WUKAR.  He even challenges people to bring a class action lawsuit against him.

Here are some highlights from this video:

DubLi Exposed:

One, DubLi stuff had to convert.

And that required DubLi to honor their word and provide us the thing that they promised us, that they swore they were going to give us from the date we signed up to be a rep with DubLi.

It just never happened. They lied to us.

Their shit didn’t convert like they said it does.

The numbers that they gave us, this 80% of free customers convert up to VIP customers, bullshit.

It was a lie.

We even found out a bunch of lies that several other top leaders told about how they have lots in Grand Cayman, they have shares in the company, all this shit; all lies.

And the average amount of cashback that customers got and the percentage that we would get as a representative in DubLi, all lies guys.

Matt Will No Longer Be Your Savior:

So here I am sitting here watching people bitch and moan and complain and cry and whine and then threaten me with all kinds of shit.

when I am just constantly giving and giving and giving and dropping prices on everything.

When we’re getting ready to roll out the the new site with everything.

My first thought was…let’s just give all that new content away for free because there I was still trying to be the damn savior.

Here’s the problem with that guys whenever you put that much power guys when you give that much power to somebody who one hasn’t done the work and two doesn’t have a framework on how to deal with their power.

That can really screw people up because they don’t have a framework to operate from.

Because they didn’t lay a base a foundation a doing some work on their own and respecting what’s there and and then building on that.

Instead, I am trying to just give them something for free that they don’t respect and guess what happens?

The second it doesn’t work or doesn’t do one tiny little thing that they thought it was gonna do, mostly automatically deposit money in a bank account, people turn on me and say all I thought your savior.

You’re not okay we’re gonna crucify you instead.

I’ll take the blame for that guys because I didn’t see it before.

I’m tell you what, I’m fucking awake now and I’m not taking shit from anybody anymore.

I’ll be damned if you guys are gonna crucify me.
I fucking telling you bring it you mother fuckers!

Matt Is Ready To Fight:

You guys looking at me right now, think your gunna bring a class-action lawsuit against me?

I say “fucking bring it”.

I’ve got attorneys backing me. We’ve gone through everything. They’ve all seen everything we’ve got.

You guys got nothing on me.

I can document every single fucking dime that I’ve put into this.

And I have evidence of all the training we’ve had, everything that we’ve done for this team.

Weekly calls, daily calls, all the training.

Bending over backwards for everybody, Facebook group, sucking everybody’s ass and making everybody happy.

It stops now.


In my opinion, a much better choice for Matt would be to run a legitimate business and not an endless recruitment scam.  Changing the name does not change the scam you are running.  I think most people would be happy if you just gave them a good business opportunity and did not try to be their savior.  What I find tragic is people will continue to fall for this kind of garbage.  This is not leadership. It is abuse.