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Profits25 Scam

Profits25 is advertised as an online advertising agency which shares revenue with its members. A hot scam right now is the advertising revenue sharing scam. The way this scam works is you buy ads to participate in a revenue share and you click on ads to create traffic for others who have done the same. It is basically a closed marketing system where you are marketing to other advertisers and clicking on each others ads.  Traffic Monsoon is another good example of this type of scam.  Here is what I have found out about Profits25.

Profits25 Scam Claims

Easy and profitable to make money online.

I am convinced that the program can alter my life. You just have to be patient and invest. I fully trust the team of profit 25.

Profits25 is a real honest company that gives us all financial freedom and is very trustworthy.

At first when I was contacted about Profits25, I was very skeptical but knowing my sponsors I bought two advertising coupons to try. Immediately realized The first weeks I understood that the Company pays on time every Friday morning and that my account is always updated. I spoke to my friends and they are very happy.

Here is how the Profits25 money making opportunity is presented:

Profits25 Scam Video

Profits25 Scam Reality

Profits25 is operated by Support Venture Limited.

Support Venture Limited is owned by a single investor from Switzerland, Francois Pierre Gruber. At his side, a Spanish businessman, Jorge Garido whose previous business was  Win Buy Club.

Profits25 is a Ponzi scheme with a pyramid scheme sponsoring program linked to it. The money you make is from investors that come after you. The advertising is just a cover for the Ponzi scheme.

In my opinion, Profits25 provides worthless traffic. In the real world of advertising, a click is worthless unless it is targeted. With Profits25 you click on links to random websites and in return you receive random visits. This can be defined as unqualified traffic with a conversation rate that wastes your time and money. People are only clicking on these links to qualify to make money and have no interest in what you have to offer.


To get started you have to purchase 2 advertising coupons which cost a total of €50 ($55.10).

To purchase additional advertising coupons it is €25 ($27.55)

Profits25 charges fees to buy coupons:

  • Bank cards: €2 fees i.e. 27€ for the first advertising coupon, €1 fees for the other coupons i.e. 26€ each.
  • Perfect Money: €1.50 fees i.e. €26.50 per coupon.

Their are various fees to withdraw money from your Profits25 account.

You must have at least €20 in your account in order to request a withdrawal.


They offer no retail products for you to sell.

Compensation Plan

You purchase advertising coupons at a price of €25 each. Then you receive revenue every week until they reach a value of €35, a gain of €10 per coupon. At that stage, they’re taken out of the system.

You can buy up to 600 coupons with a minimum of 2 advertising coupons equal to €50. to get started. You can purchase as many advertising coupons as you wish by using your account balance.

To qualify for the weekly revenue, all you have to do is click advertising banners every week. The number of clicks that you have to make depends on how many coupons you have:

Up to 30 coupons: 10 clicks
From 31 to 100 coupons: 20 clicks
More than 100 coupons: 30 clicks

You will find those banners on the resource website which you receive upon registration. That money is shared equally between members according to the number of coupons they have. This is the “revenue share” concept.

Those who recruit people receive the following commissions:

Level 1 (direct referrals) : 10%
Level 2 (referrals’ referrals) : 5%
Level 3 : 3%
Level 4 : 2%

Those commissions apply to all the coupons initially bought by your referrals + those that they will purchase in the future. That way you will make money on all the purchases of your down-line in the long run, and on four levels of depth.

Income Disclosure

They offer no income disclosure.

Refund Policy

It is possible for a member to unsubscribe from the Revenue Share Module at any time.

In case of unsubscribe request, the member who unsubscribes cannot claim any refund other than full reimbursement of all sums paid to the Module apart from coupons bought with members’ earnings minus the total of withdrawn amounts.

Any unsubscribing is final. A member who has requested to unsubscribe cannot then register again in Profits25.

You are not going to get a refund for all the fees required to purchase coupons and withdraw money.

People residing in the following countries cannot become members of Profits25:

Dem. Rep. of Congo
North Korea
Sierra Leone
Southern Sudan
United Arab Emirates
United States of America

Profits25 Scam Conclusion

In my opinion, Profits25 is a Ponzi scheme with a pyramid scheme sponsoring program linked to it. They are using new investor money to pay previous investors. With near worthless traffic, there is little or no reason for someone to be a customer of Profits25 coupons. They have you recruit people into the Ponzi with the hopes of making significant income.  When new people are not found to bring into this scam it will fail. Avoid the Profits25 scam.