Disrupt Terminates Top Level Affiliate

For a very young network marketing company, Disrupt has a major scandal on their hands. They have terminated one of their top level affiliates: Daryl Kingston Djuan. Jason Elrod, founder and CEO of Disrupt Worldwide, LLC. made the following announcement on his Facebook wall:

We have been informed that a former Disrupt affiliate had apparently been soliciting people to give him money in exchange for a purported “share equity” investment in Disrupt.

Our investigation proved that the allegations were accurate and the affiliate was immediately terminated.

Disrupt is not selling any ownership interest or stock and has not authorized the resale of any ownership interest by this former affiliate or any others. Disrupt did not receive one red cent of investment money from this individual.

Disrupt takes all regulations seriously, and if our legal and compliance staff feel this action is grounds for regulatory discipline we will file a complaint against the former affiliate with the appropriate authorities, in our home state, the affiliate’s home state as well as with federal regulators.

If you are solicited by anyone purporting to represent Disrupt for investment purposes, immediately report any person who claims to be selling an investment or ownership interest in Disrupt to the the following: compliance@disruptcorp.com

Daryl doesn’t deny he was accepting money. People for whatever reason try to take short cuts and abuse the trust that other people put in them. This is a very serous issue and could end up with him facing the SEC. 

Here is a tip for you.  Do not accept a stock deal from someone that has recruited you into a network marketing company.

Here is what Disrupt has asked Daryl to do:

  • Cease and desist from use of Disrupt’s name and trademarks;
  • Cease and desist from claiming to sell securities in any way related to Disrupt;
  • Cease and desist from representing in any way that you are affiliated with Disrupt;
  • Cease and desist from making defamatory comments in person or via social media reguarding Disrupt or any of its affiliates, managers or employees.

Here is Daryl’s response to Disrupt’s allegations against him: