Top 9 Lies Used To Defend MLM Scams!

Auto Money Surf Scam

It would be great to earn money daily just by opening your web browser and auto surfing the web.  Scammers know that people want this and are taking advantage of them.  There is a large auto money surf scam that is running on the internet today.

Here is how this money making opportunity is presented:

AutoMoneySurf is an advertising and traffic exchange program with a great opportunity to earn and get paid 3$ daily just for viewing ads. NO SPONSORING REQUIRED TO EARN. We pay your 3$ daily to your account. You can withdraw your earnings every month. It is YOUR money!

Here is how this scam works:

1. You signup for a free account and login at

2. You click on Start Surfing.Auto Money Surf Navigation

3. They add $3 to your cash balance each day when you auto surf 200 websites.

4. When you reach the $100 minimum there is a button you can click on to cashout.  It is going to take over 30 days to reach the minimum.

Minimum Payment

5.  They charge you $15 to “confirm” your payout account. They fail to mention this to you on their website and their FAQ.

Auto Money Surf Confirm

6.  You do not receive any money and you lose $15.

They give you the ability to upgrade your account by paying them so you can make more money each day.  Don’t do it.

This is a great deal for them.  They get 30 days worth of ad viewing by you and you pay them $15 for this privilege. They even offer a referral program so you can scam your friends and family. These scammers use a bunch of different websites to run this scam.  If a lot of people complain about a website, they have many others to continue running the scam.

Here are some additional websites that run this same scam: