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Paidverts Scam

Paidverts is advertised as paying you to interact with advertisers. A hot scam right now is the Ponzi advertising scam. The way this scam works is you buy ad packs so you can make money by clicking on ads to create traffic for others who have done the same. It is basically a closed marketing system where you are marketing to other advertisers and clicking on each others ads.  Traffic Monsoon is another good example of this type of scam.  Here is what I have found out about Paidverts.

Paidverts Scam Claims

PaidVerts pays you to interact with advertisers!

Signup friends, and earn as they interact with ads!

Paid ads will be delivered to your account daily. All you have to do is copy 3 lines of text about the ad. And then visit the website for up to 30 seconds to unlock your instant cash payment.

Here is how the Paidverts money making opportunity is presented:

Paidverts Scam Presentation Video

Paidverts Scam Reality

Paidverts is operated by Linstow LP, Suite 7038, 4 Fullarton Street, Ayr KA7 1UB, Scotland, No. SL019085. Paidverts was launched in March of 2014.

Paidverts is a Ponzi scheme with a sponsoring program linked to it. The money you make is from investors that come after you. The advertising is just a cover for the Ponzi scheme.

In my opinion, Paidverts provides worthless traffic. In the real world of advertising, a click is worthless unless it is targeted. With Paidverts you click on links to random websites for payment. This can be defined as unqualified traffic with a conversation rate that wastes your time and money. People are only clicking on these links to qualify to make money and have no interest in what you have to offer.

With Paidverts you can view up to 16 activation ads daily, each of which will add 25 BAP to your account.

25 BAP allows you to make $ .0125.  With only 16 activation ads daily you can earn only $.20 each day.

They take away up to 100 BAP each day as a daily ad points tax.

You have to have at least 1600 BAP to receive paid ads.

If you worked this for a full year, you are looking at making less than $73.

It gets worse, they don’t offer regular paid ads on the weekends.

There is no significant amount of money to be made with Paidverts using their program without recruiting people and buying ad packs.

Here is how the ad clicking process works:

1. You select an ad.

Paidverts Ad Select

2. Before viewing an ad, you need to type out the text shown in three images.

Paidverts Form

3. View the ad. Then fill out the Captcha and click the confirm button.

Paidverts Confirm


To make any significant amount of money you have to purchase ad packs to get the amount of BAP you need. With an ad pack purchase you’ll get 50 visits to your website, banner impressions and also 3100 BAP, that will deliver $1.55 worth of ads to your account.

  • 5 sec Ad display ad packs $1.05
  • 15 sec Ad display ad packs $1.075
  • 30 sec Ad display ad packs $1.1

Super User Upgrades:

  • $2.99 upgrade will deliver the 10x 1% ads created with all ad purchases between $1 and $50.
  • $19.99 upgrade will deliver the 10x 1% ads created for all ad purchases $51+.

Upgrades last 7days.

Account Maintenance Fees – up to $0.001 once each server day

Ad Filter – $10
PaidVerts offers users the ability to purchase a lifetime upgrade for their account in the form of an ad filter. This will block low value ads from potentially flooding your account, and consuming your Bonus Ad Points unnecessarily (if you don’t want to waste your time interacting with them, and subsequently leaving them to recycle).

Vacation Mode – $1.99 or 10,000 BAP
If you’re going away on holiday, or will be away from the computer for a few days, you can freeze your account from receiving any new ads (thereby safeguarding your Bonus Ad Points) by using Vacation Mode.

Recycler Pro Upgrades – $0.05
PaidVerts offers a non-refundable Premium Membership upgrade. Upgraded, active users, with sufficient Bonus Ad Points, shall receive priority in receiving recycled paid ads over non upgraded, active users, with sufficient Bonus Ad Points.


Bulk Ads: Every ad pack (basic price $1.05) delivers:
50 user visits for up to 30 seconds each, after copying 3 lines of text about your offering. Plus 25x top of page 728*90 or 468*60 banner impressions & 100x 125*125 banner.

Cheap Traffic: $0.10 per unique visit.:
Users will visit your website for 15 seconds, after typing 1 line of of copy & paste about your offering. Delivery guaranteed within 14days.

AdGrid advertising: 1$ per 1000 grid clicks:
Have your advertisement as a background image on our AdGrid – users will see you advertisement before they click the grid.

Compensation Plan

You can make $.0005 for each Bonus Ad Point.

You earn 10% for your referral ad buys and 5% for your referral ad clicks.

Example 1. If your referral buys $100 worth of advertising, you’ll earn an instant $10.00 cash commission!
Example 2. If your referral clicks on a $0.10 paid advertisement, you’ll earn $0.005 cash commission!
Example 3. If your referral buys $100 worth of “Bulk Ads”. You get an instant $10.00 commission. And your referral also earns 310,000 bonus ad points. For which you will earn up to $7.75 more, if they click on all their bonus ads!

Bonus Ad Points:

Bonus ad points are required to take delivery of “Bonus Paid Ads”. Each Bonus Ad Point in your account entitles you to receive up to $0.0005 worth of paid advertisements, as soon as any are available to be issued. With each bonus ad issued to your account, irrelevant of whether you interact with it or not, the corresponding quantity of Bonus Ad Points will be deducted from your Bonus Ad Points balance. Once this balance reaches zero, you will no longer be ellegible to receive any further paid ads. Furthermore, the total quantity of Bonus Ad Points held within your account serves as a limit to the maximum value paid advertisements your account can receive. So if there are paid ads in circulation that are greater in value than the total of your available Bonus Ad Points balance. Then your account shall not be ellegible to receive them until such time that you increase your Bonus Ad Points balance.

Bonus Ad Points Daily Tax:

All accounts, active and inactive, shall incur a bonus ad point tax, and have their BAP balances reduced by up to 100 BAP each server day, until their accounts are zeroed.

Income Disclosure

They offer no income disclosure. There is no way to know how much people are actually making on average with this money making program.

Refund Policy

Ad purchases are final and otherwise non refundable.

Paidverts Scam Conclusion

In my opinion, Paidverts is a Ponzi scheme with a referral program linked to it. You are paying $1.05 to make $1.55. You have to pay them to interact with advertising to make any significant amount of money. They are using new investor money to pay previous investors. With near worthless traffic, there is little or no reason for someone to be a retail customer of Paidverts ad packs. They have you recruit people into the Ponzi with the hopes of making a significant income. When new people are not found to bring into this scam it will fail. Avoid the Paidverts scam.