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The following is a guest post from Janie at  I think you will find her experience with the Plexus scam valuable.

October 2013

It began with a phone call from me to a Diamond Ambassador with this MLM pink drink weight loss company, she and the company had been highly recommended. The very first thing she suggested was I watch her video as it explained the product line and the business opportunity in detail.

Plexus Scam Presentation Video

Then she sent me a copy of her pay outs from her back office, $155,701 in just 9 months done mostly online. Also, she suggested I read the testimonials about the products, including hers.

Being overweight is a worldwide epidemic. In addition to normal concerns of clothes not fitting, lack of energy, and low self-esteem, being overweight can lead to other more serious health concerns.

Finally, there is an all-natural, healthy solution to help you lose weight. The synergistic effect of Plexus Slim and Accelerator taken together can help you lose more weight—faster than you ever thought possible! Combined with the other Plexus weight loss products, you can experience quick results and keep the weight off. – Source 2013

I was so excited! Plexus Worldwide had products that WORKED! People were feeling better, losing weight and making money. I felt I had finally connected with something that would be life changing for me and others.

December 2013

Then it began… the phone calls and returns because people did not experience advertised results to “lose weight faster than you ever imagined”, or their diabetes became worse or had no change at all. And to top it off, I wasn’t experiencing results either. What was going on here? There was so much more than a product not being effective, my credibility and integrity were at stake!

April 2014

I began asking questions when every product I sold was returned or people never re-ordered. It sure didn’t appear to be a “supply/demand” issue in my world. ​

I asked specifically if the products had been changed, as I could not understand for the life of me how a product could work for so many and do nothing for the thirty plus people I gave it to. Nope. No change to the drink, only to the accelerator. My upline just couldn’t understand why I was having such a problem with this.

​The only advice I received was to take other products in addition to the Plexus Slim and Accelerator like Bio Cleanse, Pro Bio 5 and XFactor Vitamins. HUH? What about the “just drink pink and shrink” that was plastered (and still is) all over the internet? What about “Experience the powerful one-two punch of taking Plexus Slim and Accelerator+. With the synergistic effect of taking these two products together, you lose more weight – faster than you ever thought possible!” What about THAT? It remains on the corporate website as of today, October 15, 2015.

The company experienced massive momentum in 2011, 2012 and most of 2013 because people experienced RESULTS with the three day trial and joined the company because of that. People achieved ranks quickly because of the dynamic duo of Plexus Slim and Accelerator. When they reformulated Plexus Slim and the Accelerator (Nov 2013, 2 weeks after I joined), things began to go backwards and recruiting became stagnant. That is bad news since one does not achieve rank without building a team, aka: recruiting. Oh wait, isn’t that a Pyramid?

The key ingredient that was removed? Oxypregnane Steroidal Glycoside aka: Hoodia. Know what it is suppose to do? CONTROL APPETITE.

Plexus Comepnsation Chart

The dialogue began to shift from weight loss to health. REALLY? It is marketed as a WEIGHT LOSS product! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I was growing weary due to lack of advertised /promoted results from the product, but when they REMOVED the rank of my downline, that’s when I began to seriously question the integrity of Plexus Worldwide. As you can see from the chart above, bonuses are achieved at every level and Gold (downline’s achieved status) is entitled $250.

I was sure this must be some kind of mistake, but it wasn’t. Someone on her team returned product in May (month AFTER production was met) and that’s what they based her rank removal on. I asked where I could find that in the compensation plan. Their answer?

“When there is a dispute in regard to rank advancement, the compensation plan is not specific. We are in the process of rewording the compensation plan but not sure when that will be released.”


This correspondence went on from May 2014 – Sept 2014. You are welcome to read in complete detail here.

I never received anything but the classic “run around” from Plexus and was referenced to compliance as the one who sent numerous letters to the company about the comp plan and got really ugly with the Execs of Plexus (I guess because I wanted a legitimate answer). I was also referenced as a “crazy woman”, “nut job” and “bat crazy”.

On Oct 2, 2014 I tried logging into my back office but couldn’t so I wrote to find out why. This is the letter I received from compliance:


Thank you for contacting Plexus Worldwide.​

It has been alleged that you have been in violation of the Code of Ethics in Plexus’ Policies and Procedures, which states:​

As a Plexus Worldwide Inc. Independent Ambassador:​

I will conduct my business in an honest, ethical manner at all times.​ I will not make disparaging remarks about Plexus Worldwide Inc., its products, officers, employees and Ambassadors. As well as, other products, services, or companies; likewise, I will not willfully denigrate the activities or personalities of fellow Independent Ambassadors.​ Any violation of the above ethics is subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of the Ambassadorship.​

Plexus has conducted a thorough investigation of this matter and determine whether you have violated this policy. Your Plexus Ambassadorship has been placed on a one year suspension. One year from this date you may reapply for an Ambassadorship.​

Plexus requests that you cease and desist from recruiting Plexus distributors into any other company. Plexus reminds you that pursuant to your agreement with Plexus you are legally prohibited from recruiting, directly or indirectly, your current or former Plexus down-line, and from disclosing or using any information about Plexus distributors, including contact information, in the course of your competing business.

Effects of Suspension for Breach of Contract.​

1. An Ambassador who’s Contract is suspension by the Company must wait one (1)
year before applying for a new Ambassadorship. During that time, the Ambassador
can have no Beneficial Interest in any other Ambassadorship. Prior to applying, he or
she must first petition the Company through the Compliance department. The
petition will include an affidavit that must be signed under penalty of perjury and
notarized in which the Ambassador confirms that he or she has had no Beneficial
Interest in any Ambassadorship during the prior one year.​

Cody Mantle​
Compliance Regulatory Monitor​
Plexus Worldwide, Inc.​
15649 N. Greenway Hayden Loop​
Scottsdale, AZ 85260​
Phone: 623-888-6500​

Ticket History *Janie Wilson* (Client) Posted On: 02 October 2014 09:57 PM

Wow! I never received a phone call, letter of termination, nothing till I received the above on October 2. So, I wrote back and asked:

What exactly is the violation and the evidence of this allegation?

Are you ready?

Plexus values all of its ambassadors and customers. Unfortunately change is a uncontrollable side effect to success. If an individual is unmotivated or unhappy Plexus is happy to work with those individuals to find a solution. ​But Plexus does not except its ambassadors to publicly make disparaging remarks about the company, employees or fellow ambassadors. We wish you the best in all of your future success. ​

Cody Mantle​
Compliance Regulatory Monitor ​
Plexus Worldwide, Inc.​
15649 N. Greenway Hayden Loop​
Scottsdale, AZ 85260​
Phone: 623-888-6500​

WHAT? I was never shown the allegation, never contacted, just terminated.

Plexus Worldwide continues to boast how quickly their company has grown as well as being a debt free company. Considering there are numerous reports of Plexus Worldwide charging the annual $34.95 fee to unsuspecting past ambassadors (those who resigned), as well as active ambassadors creating bogus ambassador accounts to rise in rank, it’s a fabulous appearance of growth. I call it lies, deception and unethical business practices. As of March, 2015 Plexus Worldwide claimed to have 220,000 Ambassadors x $34.95 = $7,689,000.00. No wonder they make it so easy to join and so difficult to resign!

NEVER in my 35 year career have I experienced a company as ignorant, unprofessional, lackadaisical and unethical as Plexus Worldwide.

Plexus Worldwide was not the first scam I danced with, but it is the last.

Plexus Worldwide remains under investigation by the FDA.

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Then join at your own risk.

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