MLM and Network Marketing scams grow by turning friends and family into people that are exploited by you to make money.

One of the most common ways that MLM scams damage relationships is they teach you to not be open and honest with your friends and family when you invite them to a business presentation on the company you are part of.

This breaks down the trust you have with people that are close to you.

MLM scams teach you to turn every personal contact into a lead.

This puts people that are close to you on the defensive because they think you are always trying to sell them something.

One great way to damage a relationship is to get in a bad business deal with someone.

MLM and Network Marketing scams are bad business deals. You are offering your friends an opportunity to scam their friends. Simple math calculations reveal that the great residual income you were promised is almost impossible. With 60 to 90 percent of the people you recruit dropping out every year, the only way to keep making money is to keep recruiting, and that is not residual income.

You are taught that you are the sum of the people around you and that you should get rid of anyone that does not believe in the MLM scam like you do and anyone that is holding you back.

Mom I am sorry you make great apple pie, but you have to go. You are not a emerald in my company and those are the only people I spend time with.

Just imagine how powerful MLM scams are when the person you married comes to you and tells you that you are a failure in life if you do not join this business deal they are involved with. I have spent time on the phone talking to people that are in this position.

I want to be clear, good business does not work this way. Good business is using the highest legal and moral standards in your relationships with the people in your business community.

Taking advantage of the close relationship with your husband or wife is not good business.