TrafficNcash Scam

TrafficNcash is advertised as an online revenue sharing advertising platform. A hot scam right now is the Ponzi advertising scam. The way this scam works is you buy ad packs so you can make money by clicking on ads to create traffic for others who have done the same. It is basically a closed marketing system where you are marketing to other advertisers and clicking on each others ads. Traffic Monsoon is another good example of this type of scam. Here is what I have found out about TrafficNcash.

TrafficNcash Scam Claims

Great advertising, fast growth, the best earnings, and fast withdrawals. I earn every 30 minutes. I trust the Admin. He is experienced. I have told many of my friends about this program. The time to join is now.

We are not an Investment, HYIP, MLM, Matrix, Cycler Currency Exchange Or securities site.

We Are An Online Revenue Sharing Advertising Platform. We sell advertising services.

Here is how the TrafficNcash money making opportunity is presented:

TrafficNcash Scam Presentation Video

TrafficNcash Scam Reality

TrafficNcash launched on October 10th, 2015. TrafficNcash is owned by TNC & JGD Marketing Group: 3000 Hillswood Drive Hillswood Business Park Chertsey KT16 0RS. The listed owner of this company is Matthew Boisvert. The Admin of TrafficNcash is Jean Duclerne of Clickadpays (CAP).

Jean Duclerne

TrafficNcash is an old scam with a new name.

TrafficNcash is a type of scam that has been run under many names on the internet. This scam is where you buy ads to participate in a revenue share and you click on ads to create traffic for others that buy ads to participate in the same revenue share. It is basically a closed marketing system where you are marketing to other advertisers. One of the most famous scams of this type is Banners Broker.

The traffic you are buying with TrafficNcash is near worthless traffic for anything other than the make money online niche. The reason it is near worthless is the vast majority of people that are clicking to go to your site are people that are trying to make money by participating in the revenue sharing and are not people who are looking to spend money as customers. Untargeted traffic is absolutely useless and does nothing for your business.

The common argument that is made to justify this type of scam is that, “I have received a payment therefor it is not a scam.” This is what makes Ponzi schemes so effective at taking money from people. Some people will receive payment, but once the amount of people joining the scheme slows down it fails and many lose their money.


TrafficNcash is free to join, but only upgraded members can purchase ad Packages.

Membership Cost $25 Per Month.

The Cost per Ad Pack is $25 with a limit of 2400 ad packs per member.

Free members can earn commissions, but first they need to upgrade their account and purchase ad packs to be able to withdraw their commissions.


1. Business Directory Listing – For every Ad Pack purchased, member gets 50 credits for every $25 value of Adpack to list their business in our Daily Surf Page. The listing are displayed in rotation with all other listings.

2. Login Ads – Members can purchase full page Login Ads with us. All members must view these Login Ads for 5 seconds every time they enter their members area. As most of our members login daily to surf, these ads are high-converting and very popular.

3. Banner Ads – We offer rotating banner ad packages, in 3 different sizes, (125×125,468×60,728×90). Members banners are displayed on all pages of our website.

4. Text Ads – We offer rotating text ad packages. Members text ads are displayed on all pages of our website.

5. PTC Advertisements – is an online business model that draws online traffic from people aiming to earn money from home. You can earn money as well as set up your own ads on this site.

6. PPC Banners – Pay per click (PPC) is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, in which advertisers pay the publisher (website owner) when the ad is clicked.

Compensation Plan

The Cost per Ad Pack is $25 with a limit of 2400 ad packs per member. Ad Packs can generate a 120% profit-share = to $30.

To be eligible to receive a profit-share, a member must first purchase Ad Credit Packs. They MUST log into their TrafficNcash account Daily and surf at least 6 members Business Directory websites, unless they have purchased a surf-free package.

To maintain the long term sustainability of the Ponzi scheme, 50% of Ad packs earnings (excluding referral commissions) are placed into a repurchase
account. This amount can only be used to purchase more Ad Packs or ad credits.

There is a 10% referral commission on every purchase made by a direct (Level 1 only) referral. The 10% referral commission is distributed as 50/50-CashBalance/Re-purchase Balance.

Withdrawals are allowed from Monday through Friday at TrafficNcash. The minimum amount to withdraw is $25 and the maximum amount each member can withdraw is $350 per day. Members must have purchased at least 1 Company Ad Credit Pack before they can request a withdrawal.

Income Disclosure


Refund Policy

All purchased items (Upgrade fees for memberships (if any)/Add funds/Purchase of Business Listing (Ad Packs) or other Ad package(s)/surf free plans including
others) are non-refundable (NO REFUND).

If you make a dispute, Charge back or reverse transactions on your purchases, your account will be suspended immediately. – Source

TrafficNcash Scam Conclusion

In my opinion, TrafficNcash is running a Ponzi scheme. They are using new money from advertisers to pay previous advertisers. With near worthless traffic, there is little or no reason for someone to buy TrafficNcash ads unless they want to be part of the revenue sharing program. They use a monthly fee and a required re-purchase balance to extend the life of this Ponzi scheme. I would avoid the TrafficNcash scam.