I had the chance to participate in a film based on the reality of how many MLM schemes are run.  The film is called Man On Top.  I thought you might want to take a short look at it before it is released.

Here is a trailer of Man On Top:

Man On Top Film
a documentary film by Paul Mathieu

MAN ON TOP is a feature documentary film focused on the history, psychology, and present-day reality of multi-level marketing companies.

For decades, mutli-level marketing companies such as Amway, Avon and Herbalife have promised wealth, health, and happiness to millions upon millions of American dreamers. But under the surface loom whispers of cultish brainwashing, empty promises, and broken dreams.

Are MLM’s really thriving businesses offering legitimate opportunities, or are they merely economic cults expertly crafted by modern-day snake oil salesmen to bilk unsuspecting, hopeful citizens out of their hard-earned savings?

The questions go on… Is the MLM dream really just a neatly packaged pyramid scheme? Who are the creators of these uniquely American businesses that have spawned multi-national corporations that gain billions annually? And where does all this money really go?

This film project is in development and may not be completed.  Thank you for your patience.